Nothing gets me more excited than speaking to a room full of women who are eager and ready to shift the conversation that they are having with themselves to a more loving and kinder dialogue. Okay, some things get me more excited like going wake boarding all day, and freshly painted nails, but this is pretty high on my list of life.

Seriously speaking a message from my heart to women who seriously need to hear this message, which at last count was practically everyone – myself included at times is something that gets me so high on life.

Interested in listening to the audio version of this post, you can find it below, let me know if you like this.

I was absolutely thrilled to speak at Wellineux’s recent Women’s Wellbeing Workshop series at the stunning Cullen Hotel. I can’t wait to dive into and tell you all about the incredible work of Wellineux the other women involved in this day and my key messages on how to shift your self talk to a more loving one.

Amanda the founder of Wellineux has crafted an absolutely incredible workshop experience for all attendees that are wanting some rooftop yoga in their life, nourishing foods and some precious time with your girlfriends. If you ever get a chance to attend a Workshop or anything that Wellineux are putting on – seriously snap up the opportunity.

There was beautiful yoga that had me so chilled – exactly what I needed, delicious food from Tally Kitchen which was so fresh and wholesome. They have a kitchen based in South Melbourne where they serve killer burgers, whole foods and Paleo inspired meals, smoothies, juices and coffee – all you could want in one place.

There was also a  workshop with the founder Prachi of Yoga Glow. Yoga Glow is a company focused on health, wellness and natural living. It produces wellness products inspired by Aryurveda – the Science of Life, it’s principles are based upon a preventative approach to health and wellness.

Their turmeric detox mask is absolutely incredible, I had it on my face this morning to clear up some blemishes that were popping up. My favourite part about this session, because it’s not even the product which as I said is incredible. It’s the message that Prachi speaks of, one where it’s not just about using a face mask. As women we have full lives but doing a face masks provides you with some true time to pamper and replenish yourself. She speaks of when placing your mask on to then take that time to truly sit and relax, be with it, not putting on a face mask while doing your laundry or rushing around the house.

So incredible!

Lastly, my talk was all about shifting your self talk from that negative voice in your head to one that is more loving and kind to yourself. As I said this is a topic that I believe is key and so important for everyone to listen to. I am going to hit you with my three favourite messages I spoke to this audience about.


You know that voice that tells you you aren’t good enough, you aren’t doing enough and you kind of really look like shit when you look in the mirror? Everyone at this event agreed that they had this voice that they let control their lives.

I shared stories that everyone could relate to of when

  • You wake up in the morning and the first thought you think is I didn’t get enough sleep,
  • You think to yourself all the things you have to do, how you have not enough time in the day and you have to get moving right now.
  • When you look in the mirror, you don’t see your smile, you look straight to were your eyes look tired, and you notice oh god, have I been walking around with my hair looking like that all day.
  • In the meeting you are afraid to add your two cents because you don’t think you have anything worth adding? I mean it’s all beens said before so why bother?
  • To come home, exhausted, depleted and still feeling like you didn’t do enough, accomplish enough no matter what you did or didn’t get done

Underneath all of this thinking, these thoughts and this self-talk is the common theme that you are not enough.

You are not enough.

And we just walk around all day living like this is normal, when really it isn’t. Which brings me to an interesting next point.

The first step always is identifying you have this voice but just because you have this voice and these thoughts in your head does not make them truth. It is up to you what you do or don’t believe about yourself. Need some help navigating those waters? That’s where coaching is perfect, find out more about coaching with me here.



When I was speaking to these women I told them that unfortunately, while I don’t like to add to gender stereotypes but this feeling of not good enough is not something that men deal with as inherently and loudly as women do. They simply are not plagued with this fear as loudly as women are.

I have a beautiful mug with the caption ‘I am enough’ that I love to use and two other women at this event had those exact words tattooed on their body to remind themselves and myself that we are enough as we are. You would never find a male with the statement ‘I am enough’ scrawled across their body because they do not need that reminder. You wouldn’t find them having to use a mug, sure they struggle with the same insecurities that we do, but to the extent that women plague themselves with, simply no.

Meaning you as a women have to work a bit harder to be more loving, and kinder to yourself to put yourself out there and take the same risks and chances that men would simply because well they would put themselves out there.

When women and men were asked to speak about a objective truth their GPA scores of themselves men on general went higher than what they were achieving and women lower. This study demonstrated that women as a rule will undervalue what they are capable of or will provide then there male counterparts.




I challenged each of the guests at the event to start thinking to themselves and telling themselves every day 3 things that they love about themselves. See we have on average 60,000 thoughts per day, that’s one thought per second in every waking hour.

Now, 95% of those thoughts are the same from yesterday and 80% of our totally thoughts are habitually negative thoughts.

Our brains are a machine and they are hard wired to seek the negative. So because of this I found the easiest and simplest way to combat this negative seeking mind of ours is to create a positive self talk bank. Meaning everyday thinking about 3 things that you love yourself, this small habit can make a bit difference in your life.

At the end of one day you would have told yourself 3 things that you love about yourself, you might not notice a difference. At the end of a week you would have 21 reasons why you love yourself, a month is 90 and if you do this simple practice everyday you would have 1095 reasons why you love yourself.

That is a whole lot of positive self talk that will change your behaviour and your relationship with yourself. It is the type of behaviour that will shift your relationship, because it will spark chain reactions that help other good habits form in your life. Meaning if you are telling yourself why you love yourself everyday, you probably won’t eat food that isn’t good for you, probably go to that yoga class you’ve been wanting to, you might even look for more space in your day to be present.

ACTION: Seriously, I challenge you to think each day 3 reasons why you love yourself and keep this up for a one whole week. Find a friend and text each other, be held accountable. Wake up first thing in the morning and it can be the first thing you think of.


The Women’s Wellness Workshop event put on by Wellineux was absolutely incredible and I loved being apart of it and being able to share my message. A reminder that life feels really good when you are in alignment with what you are supposed to be doing.


I had such an incredible time speaking at the Women’s Wellness Workshop Series, I love speaking and sharing my message to women. Did you know I am available to be hired as a speaker now, so if you are interested in booking me for your next event, workshop or get together of like minded people I would love to speak at it.

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