I used to get really frustrated at myself for not doing the actions I kept saying that I wanted to occur. Scratch that, I still can get frustrated at myself for saying I want one thing and acting a different way.

It frustrates me to no end, and it would result in a berating cycle of feeling not good enough. If I wanted to be coaching people, why wasn’t I doing it? To me it seemed simple, if I wanted something to occur, why couldn’t I take the necessary steps to meet my desires?

My mind would spin round and round with all of these stories, and noise. And trust me it could and can get pretty noisy up there.

I thought I was a failure for declaring a goal one day, and not taking any action on it a week later.

I thought it had something to do with this not being right for me, the Universe thought I shouldn’t be a coach ** FACT this is not the case! And if you are thinking this way too, know it’s not the reality, it’s about you not taking the PRACTICAL steps you need to. Why, keep reading to find out.

I found all these very practical reasons I couldn’t do what I wanted to, I’m talking about excuses and I was in complain mode.

Firstly, lets make it  really clear I am talking about goals, dreams and desires that truly light you up! There is no ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about it, you

So you set yourself that goal, you stay focused on it and than one week passes and you found yourself with these thoughts and fears swirling around your head.

  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have enough money to invest
  • I don’t have enough expertise.
  • I don’t know what I am doing.
  • I don’t know how to do it.

All of these thoughts you think are practical reasons to why you can’t get up at 7am to write your new eBook. Why you don’t have any coaching clients. Why you have to find the perfect logo before you can start running your events.

You take it that THOSE are the reasons you haven’t worked towards your first goal.

The reality is that those are just the first layer of why you aren’t getting what you want.

They are all excuses and the real reason lies deeper down than that.

Because if you pause for a second and really think about it, you know you have all the time in the world to achieve what you want to, you chose where your money goes, that you have all that you need to achieve what you want, but you still aren’t taking action.

It’s because the issue isn’t those excuses.

The issue is lying much deeper than that with your own beliefs about yourself, your success and what you are deserving (just to name a few).

The thoughts and beliefs like:

  • It can’t be this easy
  • I don’t deserve to reach my dreams
  • I am not worthy of my dreams
  • I am a failure – why bother

All of the above beliefs lie under the surface, you might think you want to attract new clients to you, but if you don’t clear these blocks in the way you can’t possibly take the action required.

So you need to figure out how you can clear those blocks to help you continue moving forward.

See, your thoughts directly impact your beliefs which directly relates to your actions in this world, which directly relates to what you get out of this life.

Your thoughts and beliefs work on this beautiful thing called a self-fulfilling prophecy. And trust me there is such power in this, but you have to know how to harness this for you, not to work against you.

If my thoughts and beliefs state that I am not going to attract any clients, I will not tell people I am a coach, I will not put out flyers, I will not be seeking every opportunity I can to tell people, “hey I am a coach, this is what I do, who I love to help, does this sound like you?”. Therefore you will be hearing crickets, nobody will be showing up, and your belief that you will not attract clients will be self-fulfilled and therefore continue this vicious cycle.

But if we take the same scenario and believe that you are going to get 2 incredible clients to work with than what happens is you start looking for every single way you can make this come true. Neighbours, best friends, posting on Facebook, blogging, social media every single way you can do this. You won’t stop until this occurs, and therefore due to your belief you will attract 2 incredible clients to work with. Your belief will fuel the self-fulfilling prophecy because you became the person who says something and takes action.

Your thoughts and beliefs are not about being perfect, there might be practical things stopping you from taking action, you might in fact have no spare time without compromising your own wellbeing – and trust me you never want to do that.

But what happens is, you will look at that situation without victim mode and through a new lens. Your belief I want to work with 2 new clients will become I need to free some time to do this and put my all in. Instead of staying in analysis paralysis, this-is-never-going-to-happen, mode.

It is also important to note, that saying I believe this 100% I want this is not enough. You have to feel it to your core and look at what is holding you back from creating this as a reality, where is your block, what is holding you back and how are you getting in your own way from creating this?

This is the work that I do, this is the work that I am so passionate about, because stating I am something isn’t enough to make it occur. Sure you might do it for one week, but then two weeks on and you are back to the same place you will  berate yourself – like I have done (and still sometimes do, because no one is perfect, so let’s keep it real around here!)

I don’t want you thinking you are the problem, you are not the problem, it’s simply how you are blocking yourself from what you want.

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