Crafting Your Own Desire Statement

how to get what you want

Desire statements have been with me as long as my favourite rose quartz necklace has. My clients love crafting desire statements to help them achieve, reach and manifest what they want in your life. I do too!

This process started out as something that I learnt from Gabrielle Bernstein. Somewhere along the way it has become so engrained in who I am and apart of what I teach. I’ve taught it in my group coaching programs, at my in person workshops and speak about it a little with my 1-1 clients. Truth be told, my coaching is more reserved for the action of truly helping these desires come true.

Let me give you the run down on what desire statements are, why I love them and how they can help you. I’ve also created a really cool worksheet to help you craft your own desire statement which I provide to my workshop groups.


Ever feel like everyone has their shit together and you’re a mess?


Does it ever feel like everyone around you has totally got their shit together while you have no clue what you are doing? Almost like you are stumbling around in a dark room blind.

You look to your friends on social media and are jealous of how they always have time to see their friends, while you lack the energy or time to fit in a coffee date.

You look at your colleague that strides into work with her gym bag proudly tossed over her shoulder quietly reminding you that she had enough determination to wake up early and exercise. You on the other hand stayed in bed desperate to get moments extra sleep.