Lately I’ve been in the middle of what I am going to call a shit-storm.

I feel like I should be further along. I feel like I keep falling short of the person I want to be.

Let me guess, you feel this way to? Honestly that doesn’t surprise me at all.

Why? Because you are here, and we live in the 21st century where you can see what everyone is doing with every minute of their time and how that is better than the option you are currently choosing. It’s a beautiful breathing ground for your ego.

Perhaps you have the feeling that you should be further along, that you should have your shit together, that you are taking the wrong path and should be doing what everyone else is.

To the friends jet setting around the world, holidaying and living it up you make those setting roots at home feel like they are missing out on something fun, that they are wasting their time and should just go on a forever holiday too.

To the friends that are already married and having children you make those jet-setting off to travel the world feel late, behind, like there isn’t enough time.

To those that are just slightly behind where they thought they should be, you might feel like you are failing to be the person you want to be.

In this day and age it’s pretty easy to let the noise of the outside world get to loud. It’s easy to feel pulled down by it.

And all of this noise, this weight, this expectation is coming from inside your own mind, from your own little voice. The one that tells you, you aren’t good enough, that it won’t work, I don’t know why you would even try that, or give up now.

That voice, is mean, that voice can make you feel worthless and that voice can have you stopping in your tracks thinking ‘no I shouldn’t do this.’

Mine’s been showing up a lot lately and it’s been wrapped around a lot of shoulds and a hefty amount of the messy middle process.

Messy middle process, it’s that place where you’ve set your big intention and the initial excitement has worn off, than you are in the deep phase of work, creation, showing up. It can feel like the “end” goal is so far in the future and thus it gets messy. Your mean girl starts to show up and run the party.

It could be telling you …

  • I should already be moved out of home living with my partner. Clearly I am not “adult” enough.
  • I should be further along in my business right now, my friends already have full time coaching businesses and I am so behind.
  • I can always be healthier, I can always move more, eat cleaner, do more.
  • I am not meditating enough, having enough space to myself, doing the things for me. Taking care of me.
  • If people knew the truth that I work a day job and kind of love it, they wouldn’t trust me and would be the biggest fake fraud you’ve seen. Loving your day job and building a coaching business is not allowed.
  • Every micro movement you make is important, every micro decision you make is important and if you move in the wrong direction you will be telling the Universe I don’t want this or I do want this and will manifest something bad.

My should and stories are speaking to me loudly. They are feeling heavy and like they are holding me back, by focusing and spending so much time on these stories I don’t have time to actually InJoy my life and this moment. Which is actually paramount to your success.

Question time: What are your pain points, what are the stories your mind is telling you that you are holding onto?

Really explore what are all the should that your are holding onto, the stories that are holding you back, making you feel less than or just like you aren’t doing it quite right.

For me I know I have so much to be grateful for, but that mean girl voice inside my head has been getting too loud. She has me convinced that all those stories are my reality, when it truth they aren’t. In fact I can chose how I look at anything ensuring I feel empowered by my choices.

So what am I choosing?

What do I know to be my truth:

  • I am already an adult and I am in the process of moving out with my partner, when I feel otherwise I need to be kinder and more compassionate to myself and the situation.
  • Currently I am the furthest along I have been in my business ever, I am constantly in the devoted practice of doing the loving work, showing up and gaining momentum. It is happening.
  • I am the healthiest I have ever been taking the best care of me. I am training for a 10km run with an all time PB! I stretch out my body and take time out for me, not to mention eating the best foods for my body up until this point.
  • I am taking the best care of myself that I can right now in this moment. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I fall short, but it’s not about being perfect it’s about being kind even in those moments.
  • I am so lucky to work at a place I love, while growing my business. That is not something to hide, I am so lucky and privileged. Period.
  • I really need to get out of my own mind jail, stop thinking the worse and focus on trusting, actually truly trusting the process, myself and the Universe.

Just because these things aren’t all there yet doesn’t mean they won’t be. My mind is trying to convince me that they won’t come because my mind is pushing for me to have more faith in my self-doubt and fear than myself.

Are you trusting in your fear more than yourself?

Does that ever happen to you, your mind puts all it’s trust into the reasons why something won’t happen, why you won’t get it or it won’t work out for you?

It sucks. You get sucked into stories and automatically feel like you can’t achieve what you want, that you are behind.

Life isn’t about getting everything that you want right at the moment you do. It simply doesn’t work that way. Life is about the journey, it’s about the growth and it’s about embracing that messy middle as being apart of the process.

So the question than becomes how do you enjoy life while what you desire is on it’s way to you?

It’s about trusting and believing in the process even when it’s a little while off. Because doing that, trust and believing in the process and InJoy-ing the journey helps you get there so much faster.

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