Have you ever been in the situation where you are working towards a big goal, and have lots on your plate? You might even think that you are too busy to take care of yourself.

So your self-care starts to drop, because that voice in your head says “you don’t have time to do yoga today” and so you listen to it. You skip yoga, end up messing and fluffing around for a couple of hours, feeling guilty that you didn’t go to yoga, feel guilty that you have SO much work to do and you haven’t touched anything.

Finally in a couple of hours you are stressed because you didn’t relax with yoga, stressed because you didn’t get all the work you wanted to done and feeling pretty yuk. In today’s post I am going to be sharing with you how you can work on getting unbusy, how keeping your self-care is imperative.

So, first let’s take a second to look at the word “busy” and why you need to reframe that thinking. 

Being busy means that life is happening to you, which allows you to be in that victim complaining mode. Which, hey, it is totally fun and cool to hang out there sometimes, it happens to all of us. But you can’t actually make changes when you are there.

When everything is happening to you, you don’t have the capacity to say I want to change this. So the first thing to become aware of is that there is no such thing as being busy. Everything that is on your plate right now you chose to put there. Accept that and realise you love it all, or if you aren’t happy with it, realise that you might need to start saying no to other people more.

Next you might be thinking to yourself: Why is it important to keep going to yoga even when I have a lot on? Won’t I get more down if I stay home?

That’s what your mind might try to convince you. It will say things like “you will do better work, be more efficient or effective if you don’t go”. But what actually ends up happening is that you end up more stressed.

When you are stressed you don’t show up as your best person, you don’t see solutions where there are problems and just generally you aren’t fun to be around. Nobody wants to be around a grouchy pants who works all the time.

So how do we ensure that you don’t drop your self-care even when life gets full. Because the reality is life gets full, it can get chaotic and definitely messy. But what is going on outside of you, you can’t actually control, which is why it’s so important to focus on what you can control. You.

So how can you remain calm, centred, being kind and compassionate to yourself along the way?

Be Realistic 

I believe it is imperative to organise your days, weeks and even months. The biggest thing when you are setting those actions down for yourself is be realistic. Don’t think you can exercise 6 times in a week, while working 10+ hour days between all your work and business.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, if you know you have a lot on at work, a busy project coming up maybe you can’t say yes to lots of nights out. Maybe what you will need is a good sleep as opposed to waking up at 5am to fit-more-into-the-day.

Honour Your Intentions

If you have set yourself something, honour your intentions and honour your word. If you start to notice that you can keep your word to other people but not to yourself really dig around why that is? Is it simply not your self-care that you love? Do you think you should be one way but really crave something else? Do you think you don’t deserve it? When this happens it is imperative to quieten your mind.

Quieten Your Mind.

When you are sitting down and planing to pop out for a walk, don’t think just act. Quieten the mind and do it now, instead of engaging with what your mind is saying to you. When it want to convince yourself otherwise, disengage with those thoughts and ACT. Quick, before it changes it’s mind.

Be Compassionate 

Lastly be compassionate to yourself. If you make a decision to sleep in knowing that you are honouring yourself and your body do that. Make that choice and be comfortable with that choice. Be compassionate to yourself and know that life comes in waves, know that you will get the work done and trust that you made the right decision.

Practicing self-care is not about always getting it right, it’s about being compassionate to yourself every step of the way. You are stressed and binge eat ice cream, be compassionate to yourself, forgive yourself. Upset that you overslept and missed yoga, you are only human, forgive yourself.

There we go all about how to honour your word, what to do when you muck up and stick to self-care.

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