Do you ever feel like you are seeking validation outside of yourself, wanting to impress people that you end up putting your dreams and what you want on the back burner?

Well, sister friend, I am definitely putting my hand up to this as of late. And maybe you can relate too?

  • You keep putting off those plans for a workshop you want to run because you are afraid of what you friends from school will think?
  • You aren’t filming videos, because you’re worried that one random uncle will watch and simply won’t get it?
  • You’re not letting people closest to you know what your true dreams and desires are for this world

Whatever it is, all this seeking external validation is not only watering down WHO you are. It’s also watering down your dreams.

It’s holding you back from living the life you want. Because while you play it safe dancing around the peripheries of who you are and what you want, you’re spending more time thinking about you want than actually creating it.

Don’t get me wrong, dreaming and scheming are super important, but if that’s all you’ve been doing and continue to do so, it’s time to put some wheels in motion and start actioning.

Here are three ways to move forward with your big hearted plans and dreams while proudly standing in YOUR power.

1. Allow you & your vision to become bigger than your doubts & fears

Stop spending all your precious time, effort and energy focusing on what’s outside your control. Or what you think people are thinking about you or if they’ll approve. Place your attention on what truly matters. Your views, your beliefs and your vision. Reclaim your power.

Action: To tap into what you want, I recommend getting quiet, journalling, meditating and uncovering what you desire. Spoiler alert, I’m sure you know exactly what you want, it’s simply fear making you second guess yourself.

2. Own your paradoxes

We like to think humans fit into neat little categories. However that’s not really how it works. You are a whole, complete person, made up of multiple ideas, thoughts, passions and energies. Instead of fighting against that, it’s time to own your paradoxes.

Maybe you are a yoga and meditation lover, yet still crave burgers, love wine, old school Hip Hop, or simply are football mad. Whatever it is, that you keep thinking you have to push away because you’re embarrassed or ashamed, I invite you to start embracing it. Embrace the contradictions of who you are.

Action: Stop looking to those you view as having it all together and in turn pushing away the parts of you you feel don’t particularly fit in. Release the shame and realise each of your own intricate stories, likes, dislikes makes you the unique person you are.

3. Straighten up that damn crown

You are the ruler of your entire life. Eleanor Roosevelt eloquently states “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So it’s time to take radical responsibility, and if you are waiting on someone else’s validation for you to feel ready, worth it or confident, than beautiful, the question is, are you giving your power away?

Action: It’s time to reclaim your power, seek validation from within and straighten up your own damn crown. Because I believe it’s firmly placed on your head, but maybe you’ve forgotten.

If you are feeling inspired and ready to reclaim your power, stop seeking external validation I want to hear from you. Comment below with a HELL YES to reclaiming your power and declaring exactly what you want. This is the power of intention setting. I cannot wait to hear from you beautiful.

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