I see that important project you want to launch out into the world sitting on your computer desk. Maybe it’s half finished, maybe you’re afraid to press publish or maybe it’s still an idea in your head. I bet you thought you were being lazy. That you don’t want it bad enough, it’s not your time or simply you don’t have your shit together – clue it’s not that.

You procrastinate, put it off, make excuses, decide that the dishwasher definitely needs to be unpacked right now and cannot wait another minute. But guess what you aren’t lazy, you’re not procrastinating. Did you ever stop to think that your procrastinating is actually because you are terrified of your own perfectionist tendencies and they are holding you back.

Let me paint the scene.

You sit down to write a blog post, to schedule the social media post speaking about what you are offering out there to the world and then you become paralysed. You care SO deeply about this topic. These aren’t simply words to you, they are your dreams scrawled on paper about to be put out there into the world.

Meaning the stakes are high. Really high.

Will people like it, will they relate, can they understand?

Your desire to help is so strong within you and so you become paralysed with fear.

What if I press publish and nobody sees the article, what if it doesn’t perfectly articulate what I am trying to convey and the message is botched.

What if I press publish on this social media post and I get no new clients, that means I am such a mess, I should stop doing what I am doing and seriously give up now.

I repeat, the stakes are high and you are crumbling under the weight you are placing on yourself.

And so of course you go and find something else to do, of course you want to pause, check social media, unpack the dishwasher or just generally delegate it to the bottom of your to-do list.

But it’s not because you are procrastinating and lazy. So stop beating up on yourself right this second.

The black-and-white thinking, that it has to be perfect or it will be horrible is seriously holding you back, paralysing you and labelling it as ‘procrastinating’ is the easiest way your brain knows how to label the experience that is unfolding for you.

Because to say that you have paralysed-yourself-with-fear-can’t-move-forward doesn’t quite roll of the tongue.



Trust me, I get it, and I get just as stuck with it as you do.

“I have to write a perfect article from the start” so the messy first draft doesn’t get started.

“I have to have the perfect words to write” so I won’t bother with this half-arsed mess, which hey might actually be the stepping stone to those words that resonate.

Today I want to help you bust out of the procrastinating out of perfectionism trap because it’s a sucky place to be and it’s practically a one way street to have you beating up on yourself Which is situated right next to you telling yourself that you aren’t doing enough – which is not helping anyone and is certainly not the case or what you need right now.



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I remember when I was at Uni and I would have to write a 2000 word essay about some political arts subject and I didn’t know where to start. My mantra became ‘even if these are the worst words that I ever write I am going to write for 40 minutes’.

40 mins is my favourite amount of time to spend on a project, it’s short enough to make you feel like it’s achievable and you can hate your way through it. Yet long enough to get some substantial work done. And most importantly get into your state of FLOW.

Who would have known that you can finish writing an article and start a new one about procrastinating perfectionism within a 40 minute time limit 😉

Get your timer out and start timing – obviously once you finish this article.



Did you know for a master piece to exist, somewhere out there there has to be a shitty first draft. And guess what, you should look at that shitty first draft with the most loving eyes because only from that place can a masterpiece be created.

And maybe not every time it’s a masterpiece but putting something out there is better than nothing and holding yourself back.

Have you ever noticed the phases of being creative,

  1. Omg this is so much fun
  2. This is a bit difficult
  3. This is shit
  4. I am shit
  5. I think this is going to be okay

Notice in the middle ‘this is shit’ pretty quickly turns into ‘I am shit’, try to keep them seperate, what you are working on is not a reflection of yourself and your pure state. Instead embrace that messy middle for what it is messy, as it should be and keep yourself and your worth seperate from your creations.


“keep yourself and your worth seperate from your creations”


And know that the messy part is what brings you forward.

My best action for this is my mantra above, you can totally borrow the eloquently written. Even if these are the worst words that I have ever written I am going to write them.

What you will find, is that they aren’t the worst, they aren’t the best but they are a starting point and that’s a hell of a lot closer to done than you were before.


Holy Cow so now time for one of my favourite quotes from Voltaire “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”. I first stumbled across this when I was reading The Happiness Project (one of my all time fave books that set me on this journey.) Seriously how often do you hold yourself back from putting something out there because you think it could be better.

Guess what, maybe it could have been but in the meant time nothing it out there.

I recently released my ALIGNED meditation album and How to Meditate video series (proud plug, you can purchase it here) I had such fun putting this together and I created the best product I could with my current resources and one of the best things I have done to this date.

Is it perfect, oh so not!!

Do I wish it could be perfect, in truth I do. I really do. My ego likes to tell me I should only release it if I could have incredible meditones created by Tahlee as the backing track. I would have a perfect sound studio and hand it all off to someone else to create.

Yet at the same time this is my first rendition of my meditations. Am I proud? So incredibly proud, but that doesn’t mean I am going to stay here at this level forever. It will grow and maybe the next one I put out will have a proper backing.

But guess what, I love my meditations, people are buying them and loving them too.

Meaning I could have waited for it to be perfect but I would be sitting on a half finished or finished project afraid to put it out.

Stop letting your perfectionist tendencies procrastinate putting something out there.

There you go some go-to tips to help you combat your procrastinating due to perfectionist tendencies. Wanting to dive deeper into this content? I have an incredible resource you can sign up to receive below.

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