An eye rolling-annoyingly smug cliche she says “it’s safe to say I am a new person from completing my yoga teacher training.” #shityogissay

It’s safe to say my feet, and head are still coming back down to earth.

I always knew I would complete my yoga teacher training. I am a life long learner and love placing myself in immersive experiences. I never thought I would do my training to become a teacher, but purely for my own joy. If only I knew …

For a couple of years it hung out on my goals list, somewhere in the future. It started out as a 10 year goal, to 5 year goal and then when the opportunity arose I knew it was a ‘this year’ goal.

I knew I wanted to be immersed in the learning experience and go overseas for a portion of my training. So when a one month immersion with one week in Bali popped up in my newsfeed I knew it was a HELL YES from me.

I remember driving one afternoon with my partner he asked me “do you think you’ll end up teaching yoga from this?” I said “who knows?” I knew that wasn’t the reason I was doing the training, but I also had a gut feeling that something special was going to come from it – I just didn’t quite know what.

The short version find out where I am teacing here. The long version read below – and more instalments to come.

the yoga teacher training fam


Walking into the training I dropped all expectations and that was the best thing I could do for myself. For me, I was pumped about spending a month immersed in practicing and learning about yoga. I think going home realising my home work was to start cueing tadasana ‘mountain pose’ freaked me out. Holy shit! How could there possibly be so much to write about simply standing there?

But seriously teaching wasn’t on the cards. Two days prior to starting the training I went to yoga with a girlfriend and had this a-ha moment realising I could be a yoga teacher in a months time and flipped out. I was excited to say the least.

I chatted to all my yogi and yoga teaching friends to give me the low down on yoga teaching life, post teacher training. You know answering all the questions “how the hell do you get a job, what do you even get paid, seriously what if you need to go on holidays? How does it all work? HELP ME!”

They were amazing and gave me all the insight and with that I was officially excited. But once again I stored that information away, I had no idea what the month would bring me and wanted to simply be in that experience. But truth be told, it was probably always in the back of my mind I would teach, but it was simply my own little inner secret.

beautiful Yoga 213 studio space I trained at

images from Yoga 213


I completed my Yoga Teacher Training with a Melbourne based studio in Richmond, Yoga 213. I studied and learnt Asana from Hamford McDonald, Anatomy from Amelia Schrader and all things Yogic Philosophy & Happiness from Steve Ross. Not to mention the support and continual guidance from the incredible girls at 213.

For one month all I did was yoga everyday – literally.

For three weeks we were based in Melbourne, starting each morning with a yoga class. Sounds divine right? But there were certainly times that that was the hardest part of my day.


The first two weeks we learnt all about Asana and Anatomy. We started teaching the very second day, and I remember how nervous I was speaking someone through Sun Salutation A – like holy shit my brain couldn’t retain all that information, and lo-and behold I know teach hour long classes.

My brain was constantly expanding and hurting in the process. How could I keep all of this information in my head? How could I speak it to someone? And make sure it made sense! Practice, practice, practice.

the delicious feasts at Desa Seni


By the third week my body and mind were so grateful to receive a ‘rest’ from all the intense asana. Trading half moon postures to being seated and listening to yogic philosophy was a welcomed change. Deep powerful truths that hit you in your heart mixed in between random guru stories. I left most days practically floating out of the studio from the meditation, breath work and chanting. This was my favourite part! A practice I’ve ensured I keep up post teacher training.

The final week was upon us, Bali time. Meaning incredible sunshine, divine food, teaching my first ever solo yoga class (cue excitement) and even more yoga classes, teachings and learnings in the process.


Desa Sent deserves its own part in this post because bloody hell this place was absolutely divine! We stayed in huts surrounded by huge amounts of fresh produce that is grown to make the majority of our meals. From garden to plate – and it was absolutely divine. We yoga’d in an outside Shala surrounded by lush greenery and I rarely wanted to close my eyes because the grounds were so beautiful.

I would definitely recommend this place for staying for your own yoga Eat Pray Love experience or will even be going back in the future.

how crazy beautiful are these grounds?!


When I look back at the experience I speak nothing but the highlights, because I loved it. Not to mention look back with those fond rose coloured glasses, like please that as easy. HAH! The month was intense, it was yoga, sleep, eat, repeat for myself. I didn’t see any friends or any family and purposefully did lots of catch ups before the training started so my head could be focused on learning. This was hugely beneficial.


In the mix of training, my partner also had the biggest exam of his career to date. And would go between me studying in the bedroom to him studying in the lounge and vice versa. Then he would practice answers on my and I would teach him yoga.

While I tried to keep myself focused on what I was doing, the real world doesn’t stop. In the mix of one of the most stressful weeks, my partners Nan also started rapidly deteriorating and ended up passing away a few days later. Meaning there was a lot of emotions bubbling around and if I wasn’t looking over yoga books, I was with him at the hospital.

As you might be able to tell now, the experience was intense. And it definitely took it’s toll on my body physically, emotionally, and mentally. Everything was tested. But it also made for the most incredible month journey too, one that took me to the deepest states of happiness and bliss.

my libran birthday beauty buddy 


First things first, you kind of can’t.

Lets say this, you will never be ready. There is always more to learn or further along the journey you can be. Simply pick the time, place and course that feels right for you. More on picking the right course in a second.

But in regards to handy hints to help you on your journey, let’s dive in.

  • Meal prep – is ALWAYS your friend! Everything was done to make my life as easy as possible during this experience.
  • Water with a pinch or rock salt for when I was feeling thirsty and couldn’t get enough water. This was a trick I learnt from my super smart naturopath friend who gives me all the tricks. The salt helps you absorb the water when you are feeling super quenched.
  • Nightly magnesium tablets were taken to restore my body. This was imperative to help repair my body. However after 10 days of taking this tablet I could feel the affects it was having on my bowels (yep we went there) and so I stopped taking the tablet. I switched to a  magnesium oil spray to do the job. It worked perfectly.
  • Rolling on a tune up ball was my therapy, massaging out sore points, lying on blocks, stretching post a big day. Constantly working into my body to maintain it when it was under intense stress.
  • Deep heat and ibuprofen was rubbed onto my body nightly.
  • With dodgy shoulders I also made sure I slept on my back not rolling onto my side as I normally would. This would prevent me waking up with a seized shoulder.


I have always had a bit of a bung shoulder from misalignment in yoga, playing a story of being weak over in my head and not dropping some old baggage. So I was so surprised and impressed with how my body held up. How it held up so good? I learnt the proper way to move my body and actually learnt to engage the right muscles. This is something that continues to improve the more I teach funnily enough.

If I had of waited until my shoulder was strong enough and capable I would always be waiting. Only through the process of learning and unleveling my practice did I learn what I needed to do. It’s funny how it always works that way isn’t it?


In truth, there are so many people I meet who love yoga and want to do their yoga teacher training. Regardless of teaching, when you love something you want to continue to learn, grow, develop and immerse yourself in new knowledge. At least I do, and know that a lot of people I interact with are the same. The beauty of yoga is there is always another level, another layer to play with.

I loved where I did my training and it was obviously the perfect time and place for me, which brings me to my point. I believe your training will find you, opposed to you finding the right one.

Something will happen and you will simply know that’s the one for me. The time will work perfectly between holidays, it will pop up into your radar the day after you set the intention, you have been following someone for years and know that’s where you want to do yours. Maybe you’ll be nervous, scratch that you will definitely be nervous. I was on the ‘buy’ page for a couple of days before I confirmed because seriously, it’s scary and it is an investment.

But I knew it was right, I had that feeling, and all I needed to do, was go to the studio once and know, yep, this is where I need to be to complete my teacher training.

Trust that the right studio and training will find you when the time is right. 

If you read this far – serious high fives to you! I’d love to hear from you now, have you done your yoga teacher training? Is it something on your goal list?

I am planning another big post running through my post teacher training experience. Like how I’ve gone about finding a studio space, starting to teach classes and all of the post training demons that can pop up.

posing with my beautiful Bali roommates 


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