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You are deserving of your dreams right now


Are you like me and feel that there is a right way to get something and a wrong way?

Believing that if you make a step in the wrong direction the universe will punish you and take away all your hopes and dreams?

It’s a scary thought, one that can stop you in your tracks.

It is one that when you actually stop to look at this thought, if you give it words and write it down you start to laugh.

How is it that one way gives me everything I want and another would give me nothing?

The world doesn’t work like that, and life certainly doesn’t work like that, so why do we believe this?


Ever feel like everyone has their shit together and you’re a mess?


Does it ever feel like everyone around you has totally got their shit together while you have no clue what you are doing? Almost like you are stumbling around in a dark room blind.

You look to your friends on social media and are jealous of how they always have time to see their friends, while you lack the energy or time to fit in a coffee date.

You look at your colleague that strides into work with her gym bag proudly tossed over her shoulder quietly reminding you that she had enough determination to wake up early and exercise. You on the other hand stayed in bed desperate to get moments extra sleep.


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