It’s a little taboo isn’t is, there’s some things that are simply off topic. You know, just not ‘appropriate’ to speak about? But I really want to bring to light a conversation that I hope might help you.

First let me paint the scene, I had just quit my part time job. It was official I was going full time in my business – it was time.Then a couple of days later my partner was off on a weekend away and I was left crying on the couch, despaired.

How am I actually going to do this? 

How am I going to earn money from this?

I mean enough to pay my bills?

When I made the leap into my business full time, I made sure there were certain things set up, I had my savings along with a couple of months rent stored up as a buffer.

But there I was getting stressed. How was it all going to work out?

After finally wiping the tears off my face and regaining some composure, I decided to check my email, a rare Friday night occurrence for me. Of course like clock work, I received an email notification letting me know $2000 was just placed into my PayPal account from affiliate coaching.


I laughed. Of course this comes through, of course this supports me, I am always being supported by the Universe and being divinely guided.

I had that conversation I sometimes do with the Universe where I say ‘I can’t believe I lost my faith in you, I am going to be okay, because I am always okay and I always will be. Thank you for reminding me.’

And so, I made a promise to myself, I wouldn’t worry about money in this next chapter of my life.

Knowing that it was always going to be there for me, because it always is, I am always supported.

Let me explain my journey since then.

In my first month of working for myself:

+ I earned money that will cover another month of my living expenses. Meaning rent, food and bills are all paid for another month.

+ My bills were cut in half, and I had that monopoly moment of ‘bank error made in your favour’ and ended up having $100 credit towards my bills.

+ I’ve also been in the process of moving apartments, our current one has a fridge and washing machine, so each time I would worry about the unforeseen cost of this I would remind myself not to worry, I knew it would all work out. Low and behold, a friend is letting us borrow hers as she no longer needs hers?!

Incredible things happen when you open yourself up to possibility. And remember that the universe is always working for your highest good.

I have been working on my money mindset for a number of years now, this isn’t something that happened over night and there have been a lot of common blocks I have had to work through within myself. You might even be able to relate to a few of them.


But that doesn’t count, it’s not ‘real’ income

I had this belief that, oh that doesn’t count, that’s not “real” money. Maybe you see this in your own life too. You receive money in the form of a birthday gift or money through your business and feel like that doesn’t count. It only counts if (fill in the blank).

Whatever it is, releasing the way you think it should look, and how you think it should show up.

I had this moment yesterday where I found a journal of the income goals I set out for myself at the beginning of the year for the first half. With each of these goals, was a list of how I would receive that, coaching 4 clients, workshops etc.

That money did not show up in that way, and it did not show up in the way I had predicted, but the reality which by the way I was totally gobsmacked at, was that I manifest practically all of the goals I had set out for myself.

Making peace with wanting money

I do not need money. I am so incredibly lucky and privileged in the life that I lead. The fact that you have the ability to read this at this present moment means the same is true for you. Sometimes I get worried, and then I remind myself I have a roof over my head, am warm, and the ability to buy the most fresh wholesome produce that I get to eat.

I remind myself how lucky I am. But guess what I can still want more. And that wanting more does not take from anyone else. My wanting more actually allows me to give more. I can give back, be of even greater service here, and take the best care of myself.

Massages, acupuncture, getting my nails done, organic produce, money to buy fresh flowers these are all things that serve me at the highest level and ensure I am taking the very best care of myself.

Making peace with wanting money is really about making peace with wanting what I want in my life and knowing that I am deserving of what I want.

What I am currently & continuing to work on?

I am an ever evolving human being, I have come so far and I will continue to go so far. That is okay, that is normal and natural, it is the evolution of life. So let me, let you in on what I am currently working on. These short and sweet lessons might be able to help you too.

  • It doesn’t have to be hard.
  • I do not have to be perfect for money to come to me.
  • Continuing to release how it shows up.
  • Really embodying and living first class life in all areas, and continuing to acknowledge and appreciating how this shows up for myself.
  • Being guided and trusting that the Universe is always working and conspiring in my advantage and incredible things are unfolding that I might not even be able to see yet.
  • Tracking my income that is coming in, regardless of how “real” it feels.
  • Keeping my finances in fine order and being acutely aware of how much I have and where it all is.
  • Spending money that I have, it is an act of radical self-love, it is expansive.

My favourite money resources:

  • Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas
  • I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi
  • Money: A Love Story by Kate Northup
  • Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

I have had a lot of guides, mentors and information being provided to me to help me on this journey. All has been completely invaluable along the way. The books above and Denise Duffield Thomas’ Money Bootcamp has been pivotal. I come back to this Bootcamp every couple of months and check in with, what I can gain from this now.

There you go, a complete wrap up of money, business and manifestation and how it is playing out in my life. This post has been a little bit different this week, but I hope you gained some valuable insight around your own money mindset.

If you are interested in diving deeper into your money mindset than I am so excited to be joining in on Denise’s next live round of the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp. If you are keen to join me in uncovering your money blocks, and this live round I have a very exciting announcement and affiliate offer I will be offering to anyone who signs up through my link for this course. Think highly personalised, and incredible results.

Next week I will be sharing on the blog more about my experience with the Money Bootcamp and what I gained and continue to gain from this experience. I did this program in 2013 and still gain so much from it to this day.


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