“So, I’m afraid of what people are going to think about me. I mean what if they think I’m weird? A sellout? A freak? Who do they think they are to help other people or call themselves a life coach, they’re how old? Really it’s probably just another phase.”

Can you relate?

If you are a heart centred woman with a burning desire to create a business that lights you up. To have the freedom you are craving and success on your own terms, chances are you’ve  heard that all too familiar chatter in your head before.

If you work in the service based industry than chances are it can feel totally daunting at times.

So if you are …

+ Wanting to come out of the spiritual closet and speak on social media about the north and south nodes of your astrology chart, but worried what your neighbour or old boss will think.

+ A health coach that is passionate about kale, juicing and minimal waste but you want people to know you still love a good burger and balance and not to be judged or defined by this one area of passion of yours.

+ Wanting to call yourself a healer to help people in a range of different modalities but are afraid that you can’t call yourself that yet because you aren’t experienced enough, or what your mentors and people you studied with will say about you.


Chances are you’ve come face to face with the inner turmoil that occurs within your head. Where you tell yourself that everyone out there is thinking, talking and judging you for what you are going to do.

Moment of truth?

You haven’t done it yet, right now you are playing within the safe confides of your brain.

  1. You have no idea what people’s reactions will be because you haven’t put it out there yet.
  2. You are creating a worse case scenario which might never happen.
  3. Most of all, you are already judging yourself for fear of what you think people will judge you for.



And guess what, worrying about what other people are going to say about you doesn’t help you move forward, put yourself out there. When you get stuck and hung up on what you think people will say about you, you are getting stuck in fear.

You are having more trust in your fear than yourself. 

And I know that isn’t what you want.

You have this burning desire and passion to work for yourself, to have the life you dreamed of and to do work that helps other people. You’ve seen the magical results within your own life and so you want to help others.

So it would be pretty unfair of me and a bit silly to simply point out a mindset block that you are struggling with but give you no practical tips to help you move past it.

So let’s dive into some simple concepts that need to be brought to your attention to help you move through this block. Because the world truly needs to hear your message, because there is no one doing it the exact way that you will.

Your permission slip

Something I have really discovered in these first few weeks of being in business for myself full time is how much I crave permission from others. It’s like I am waiting for someone to come over, tap me on the shoulder and say, “you are doing good, your work matters, people need this and yes everything you are doing is fail proof.”

HA! Can you imagine how cool that would be, but let’s face it, its never going to happen.

I have incredible mentors and coaches in my life, so I have access to this type of support that I am needing at this beginning stage. When I have an idea, I tell my coach. “I’m worried that it’s not a good idea, it won’t be of use or value to people, or the way I do it won’t be good enough for people.” Because yes, I am human and it totally happens to everyone!

Then she will give me a big fat, of course this is amazing, you are going to do an incredible job, this is perfect, go create. And I go and create, and we both laugh at how I get in my own head, listening to those fearful stories that tell me I can’t do it.

So right now this is your big FAT permission slip, people need what you are wanting to create. There are people out there who need your help, who will only listen and hear it from you.

Trust me on that!

Feel like you need more than a one time hit of a permission slip than reach out to mentors, coaches, friends, people who get it. Find your support network, this isn’t a “nice to have” this is imperative. And truly I would recommend a lot of different support systems to help you through this period of growth. Interested in how I can support you, you can find out more information below.

Become the Sovereign Being of Your Business

Guess what beautiful, you are the owner of your own business and it is time to act like it. I know it can be excrucitaintlgy painful to stand up and own the fact that this is yours 100% and you can do it whatever way you want to.

But I am sure because you started this journey that also excites the hell out of you.

It is time for you to become the sovereign being of your business.

  • You know best.
  • You CAN do this.
  • You have the skills.
  • That person you love and follow, they are you, showing you what is possible.
  • You CAN do this.
  • You will do this.

A queen does not to look to anyone else to give her permission. You do you. Of course this doesn’t mean that you neglect and turn your back on guidance, but stop looking outside of yourself for that answer, when you know within yourself that you have it.

How I see this play out in people’s lives, they only tell people a fraction of what they want to do. There are so many stories and voices that go on in your head that hold you back from declaring this is what I want. This is why I want it. Guess what, there is power in powerfully declaring what you want.

My Time to Shine Mastermind is perfect in helping you create this relationship with yourself. Where you are the sovereign being of your own business who decides and proudly declares exactly what you want without, “is it okay that I want that, should I say that, but I really want to work with this person.”

It’s time you declare it all.

There you go a common mindset block that women starting out in the services based industry face and some practical tips to help you work through that common feeling of, “omg what are they going to think of me!?”

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