I have spoken about completing a 4 day mediation intensive training a bit here and there, but today I really want to dive deeper into this because it has been such a beautiful incredible experience and I want to share this.

I first penned this post just after completing my meditation course and now am coming back to this 2 months prior (almost to the day) and have been meditating daily for 20 minutes or 40 minutes each day! Crazy for me to even fathom, now I am not saying this will be for your, but by sharing my experience I hope to help you with your own meditation practice if that looks even more hardcore than mine, or by simply taken a few mindful breaths before you get out of bed.

Let me take you back to the very beginning, so I first stumbled upon Transcendental Meditation 2-3 years ago.

I didn’t really understand what it was about, all I knew was that it sounded full on, and that Jerry Seinfeld practiced it and swore by it (which from a boyfriend that LOVES Jerry Seinfeld I was intrigued to find out why he swears by it so much).

From that point I have seen so many other well known people claim there love for TM like Sarah Wilson and Melissa Ambrosini. So I’d been aware of this practice for some time.

I was always intrigued by it but was also hugely skeptical. I didn’t get the whole unique mantra for each person (I kind of rolled my eyes at it) and paying $1000 dollars to learn to meditate seemed really stiff. I think it is super important for me to just say that straight up, because I totally had those thoughts.


This year I’ve really started to dive deeper into my meditation at times listening to my guided meditations twice a day and absolutely loving it. My morning medi to set me up for my day and than drifting off to sleep at night with one – bliss. I dabbled with longer guided meditations while travelling earlier this year and even created my own for my workshop – funnest experience ever!

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This year one of my core desired feelings I wanted to anchor into was ‘devotion’ and I truly have cultivated this feeling in my life through a 21 Day Yoga Challenge, and my Vedic Meditation practice.

What spurred this on? I realised that if I wanted to become a yogi I wanted, start meditating more I needed to do something that would spur me on, at that moment I was comfortable. Nothing wrong with that, but I also wasn’t going anywhere. I knew to become that person I wanted to be I truly had to dive into it – before I was ready! Cue signing up for a meditation course, even though I thought I was merely a dabbler – what a limiting belief!

I truly can now see that by immersing myself into this experience it helped me become and have the practice I wanted. If I waited until I felt ready I never would have.

At the start of the year I stumbled across Laura Poole who teaches Vedic Meditation which I eventually learnt is very similar to TM. I cannot comment on how similiar or different and for what particular reasons, as I truly don’t know. In my completely honest and naive opinion to me these look identical and appear to only be an offspring due to other reasons than what they teach and provide. Perhaps when I find out more I will be able to comment more on this.

Vedic Mediation involves meditating twice a day for 20 minutes each time repeating a unique mantra to yourself. 

The practice is quite simple and effortless, you close your eyes, repeat the mantra until 20 minutes has passed. To me I felt this belief and knowledge that your body and mind already knows what it has to do, you just have to be willing and open to the transformation to occur.

So I did it.

It’s so funny how something comes into your life at the absolutely perfect time. I spoke about having difficulty with non-attachment from my workshop and in relation to my business previously but the biggest thing this meditation course taught me was being okay with it just being the perfect experience it needs to be.

So I want to quickly dive into the big takeaways that I learnt from this experience to help you with your own meditation practice, they are so many stories about what meditation should look like, what it should provide you with and it’s all stories that your mind makes up to keep you from sitting your butt down and doing the work.


Ever had the experience of saying ‘yeah I really would love to meditate but I can’t get the thoughts in my head to slow down’.

Guess what?

Thoughts are apart of it. They suck, they can feel irritating but the thoughts occurring and pulling you away from your breathe, mantra or sensations of your body is normal and should be welcomed and embraced!

Yes, just like you cannot have yin without yang. You cannot meditate without those peaceful moments of stillness that feel like utter bliss and those moments that you wonder how on earth it’s only been 8 minutes when you swear 20 minutes has been up for sure! Trust me – these have both happened to me. And when they do, I simple close my eyes and return to my mantra.

The thoughts that you are thinking is your body releasing stress and thoughts that do not serve you – how brilliant is that? Think about it, everything you have ever gone through that you are still holding onto and carrying (note probably a lot!) has no where to go. By meditating you give it time to release that stress.

That is the power of meditation.


This was one of my favourite learnings from Laura, you will have gratifying and ungratifying experiences – guess what they are both perfect and what you need. I know we all love the gratifying ones where we feel so blissful and hate the ones that feel like nails on a chalkboard – which of course won’t last forever.

After a while I developed a non-attachment (wow, did I really just write that?) with my meditation, if it was great, great, if it wasn’t no big deal. I became unfazed by it. This is a beautiful place to be.

It’s not the experience that matters it’s the fact that you meditated that should always be celebrated!


This relates to your body holding onto a lot of junk and gunk so at the beginning it can feel uncomfortable, you can notice agitation.

There was times when I would start crying in my practice, other times I would want to yell out – which I did silently to release what needed to be released. I want to give you a really true representation of what it was like for me, it has been incredible but it also wasn’t always comfortable.

I thought I had those moments of sadness and frustration come up due to a life situation that had me feeling that way, but 28 days later and I was up to the same part of my cycle my autumn phase and the same thing happened.

Clearly I bottle up a lot during the month and this is the perfect time to let it go and release it. Warning the sound of a heater while meditating can set you off. Of course it’s not the heater’s noise that is the problem it is just a poor event that triggers the floodgates.


In relation to how I went developing my own meditation practice, I found it to be relatively quite easy. I really needed it when I did it, so to spend 20-1 hour a day meditating through the course was actually exactly what I needed. It was healing for me.

In regards to 20 minutes is soooooo long!

Yeah it really is, that’s a good episode of Friends – and think of how much goes on in that show. But I realised I spend that amount of time – if not a LOT more scrolling through my phone mindlessly and this does not serve me at all, so why not spend that time doing something that will make me feel better.

The act of forming a habit – I went with the notion anything was better than nothing. 15 minutes in the morning and nothing in the afternoon tick, 20 minutes in the morning and nothing in the afternoon tick, 20 minutes and 20 minutes tick. Once again I wasn’t attached to it having to be perfect, anything was better than nothing.


I can safely say that I now meditate daily for 20 minutes each morning without fail. Firs thing I do is roll over and start my timer.

The afternoon practice isn’t quite there yet, sometimes I meditate. Other times I do an hour long yoga class and feel that fills me up. I do aim on getting there but I am not stringent or being restrictive of how or where that happens.

There you go how I went from dabbler meditator to meditating daily in my life. It has taught me so much and changed my life in these beautiful and subtle ways – if you are interested in me writing a piece about how it has changed and shaped me let me know in the comment below.

Otherwise, share away my beautiful friend, lord knows people need more meditation, stillness, peace and love in their life right now.

And if you are ready and excited to dive deeper, learn more than join me for my Facebook live Meditation on my Facebook page here, there will be some Q+A more time to chat meditation and than finishing with a Meeting Your Future Self Mediation – mine and my clients fave!

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