Last week I took my introverted soul – you know the one who gets really nervous about having to go to an event by herself, and see other humans in real life to Danielle LaPorte’s Choose to Shine event.

As always I was reminded that in person connection is always, always worth it! Because sometimes we forget, sometimes we get nervous and scared but truly there is magic there. That’s why I am so passionate about in person events, based in Melb? Check out my upcoming Manifest My Desires workshop.

Now I loved this night as a chance to catch up with friends, fellow coaches and light workers in this world. Danielle spoke about the best self help being self compassion and that really struck a cord with me. Today I am sharing what my 3 main takeaways I took from the event were.

1. To really and truly be friendly in conversation with myself. 

Should I really be saying my stomach is so podgy, I have wrinkles on my forehead and why would anyone want to coach with me? By the way, it’s so ridiculous but also kind of brilliant when we say what our mind is truly thinking because speaking it or writing it down I can see how preposterous it is. And how mean we can be to ourselves. 

2.My life is meant to be enjoyed not endured and not put on hold.

So stop doing the things you don’t want to, or you should do. Stop beating yourself up for doing the things you want to and whatever you feel like. Time with loved ones, laughing, adventures are always more important than laundry lists of all the things you “should do”.

3. Chose your words carefully. 

Do you really mean you will be 1 minute or 5, say 5. Do you really want to do that or do you just not want to? Say that. Speak your truth. Do you really mean to call yourself lazy, or are you just prioritising your self care? Because those two are very different and the words you chose greatly impact how you feel. 

All of these takeaways really culminate into a core message for myself.

Be kinder to yourself.

It truly is that simple.

It’s bizarre what we put up with within our own head because we think we deserve it or because it becomes a normal for us. When it breaks our heart to hear other people speaking that way.

I have had so many conversations with incredibly beautiful souls over the last couple of days who are telling themselves they are useless, can’t do that, or hate the way they look. Who’s negative voice within their own head is getting too loud, that positive, kind-loving voice just cannot keep up.

So in light of helping that kind voice of yours be louder than the one that can bring you down I want to challenge you to think of 3 things that you love about yourself in this very moment. Like really and truly, what do you love about yourself?

I am going to share mine below, not because I need external validation but to show you that you can share what you love about yourself, you can celebrate who you are, we can build each other up and ourselves instead of tearing down.

1.My Ambition

I have such an incredible sense of ambition and drive within myself and I absolutely love all that it does for me and that constant drive to learn, grow and improve.

2.My Intensity 

I have really started realising I am an intense person – guess what, that is okay. It is who I am, it is in my nature. I like being 5 steps ahead (while I am learning to love the moment and what it is giving me) there is no point denying that I am this way. And I love it. Here’s to not fighting the things we are innately but embracing them. 

3.My Bum!

I absolutely love and adore my bottom, it is the part of my body I get the most compliments on.

I want to hear from you, because I want to hold you accountable leave me a comment below what are 3 things that you love about yourself. You deserve to be loved, exactly as you are, you are worthy of being loved and it is your job (yes your job) to do this for yourself, nobody else can make you love you. It truly does start with you.

So have these conversations, get that support, out the mean stories your mind tells you because when you bring light to the situation you can see that everyone can feel the same, but it doesn’t have to be the normal.

If you are interested in taking this further I am actually opening up a new coaching package which I am so excited for. My Program Your Mind for Success is a 1 off coaching session for people who have big dreams or desires, who are ready to make a mind shift to help them continue moving forward.

You know what you want, you know how to get there but you keep tripping over this obstacle. Let me help you get over that – to continue moving forward with ease towards your goal.

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