I spoke about falling out of love with my business post my Manifest My Desires workshop the other week here. In person events, which I love have a natural tendency of a low post, due to such a high of the creation and getting to the event, not to mention all the adrenaline of rocking it.

Now I know I am definitely not the first person to fall out of love with their online business and I know that I will not be the last too. Which is why I believe it is so important to firstly talk about it and secondly talk you through what I did to help me fall back in love with it.

So let me paint the picture, I just generally couldn’t be bothered post event, a big couple of months putting on this workshop mixed with huge life lessons left me feeling totally zapped! My head was swirling with all these thoughts and that is always a tell tale sign I need to slow down!

I knew I had gained incredible momentum from my workshop and I was so afraid that I would lose it if I didn’t continue to push through it all. Once again my beautiful mentor came to my rescue. I’ve spoken about how she helped shed some light on some important insights I needed to up level within my own life for my workshop previously. For anyone wondering this mentorship is a paid program because I so believe in the work she is doing, what I want to create and that exchange.

Through speaking with Claire from This is Lifeblood, we uncovered that my limiting belief which I’ve realised SO many people can have too, is that if you aren’t in your business launching something then can feel like they don’t have a business. Meaning you feel like you constantly have to be pushing, striving, working your ass off to get anywhere! Which quite frankly you don’t and no thank you!

** Looking back on this moment I feel so blessed that Claire is my mentor, another person might say “you don’t have a business without being in it every second of every day”. But the truth, that might be somebody else’s reality or dream life but it is not why I am growing my business and it definitely does not drive me. Impact hell yes! Being chained or a slave to my business or a laptop – no thank you.

We pick our mentors, coaches, leaders and speakers to mesh with who we are. You will see something in them that you want to enact or bring into your own life. They are living how you want to live, they have a lesson you know you need to learn and so you gravitate towards them. And I am so thankful and grateful that I get to work with Claire.

So back to project ‘Romance Your Business’, where do I start?


That moment post crash when you finally become awake to the thought that you’ve fallen out of love with your business you need to hit refresh straight away. This could also mean stepping back immediately, clearing the decks. This started by doing things for me, you know me – the human being behind the screen. Things that made me slightly nervous but where just for me, not for my business, for my day job or anything other than me.

This looked like a 21 day yoga challenge, practicing and learning Vedic Meditation, doughnut treats, carefree nights out with friends. It meant hitting pause on everything! No guilt, no judgement, no expectation.

Action Step: How can you hit refresh on yourself? What do you, the human being need right now?


This was all about coming back to the things that I loved about my business. You might laugh but things that make me totally happy pretty pictures, beautiful branding, in person events (with biz friends), Instagram stories for fun, walks in the middle of the day, a change of scenery, planning new projects, the fun part of brainstorming and dreaming.

I did anything and everything that I wanted to, purely to spark my interest, creativity and have fun.

Action: If you are feeling lack-lustre towards your business look at how you can start toying with joy too! Anything and everything that just sparks that fire in your belly. If you are still feeling exhausted and like you totally can’t be bothered than go back to hitting the refresh. It’s okay for there to be a dance between the two for a while. 


This deserves a whole topic of conversation. A week after my Manifest My Desires event I was so fortunate to go to an in person event with Sophie Zen a social media marketer. She just moved to Melbourne and we met for the first time the week prior at my event. We have known each other online since the very beginning for both of us, when I started a blog ‘Miss Imperfect’ purely for my own enjoyment.

We went to 9 to Thrive which was such a fun day of inspiration and a chance to pretty much see cool women talking about great shit they are getting up to and all about empowering females to lead in their lives. Side note my total favourite part was getting the chance to listen to women from Twitter, Easy and Eventrbite about females in tech. A topic I wouldn’t know much about before this event but was so fascinating.

The reason this event was made even more incredible and special was that I spent the whole day connecting with another young female in the online biz world trying to make a difference. And who knew but I had a lot of frustrations pent up on the inside. And I truly let them unleash. We spoke about those times you truly feel like quitting and throwing it all in (you know you won’t follow through) but those around you think yeah maybe that would be easier.


What do I mean by energy leaks? It’s those things that have been on your to-do list for some period of time and are draining you. Those ones you keep saying you’ll get to but never do. They are on your mind, on your to do list and drain you of your energy.

These weigh on you and can build up over time. I started to realise there was so many energy leaks I had in my business that I needed to tend to and I cannot tell you how much this helped reinvigorate my passion and energy into my business. It was like a Spring Clean.

What this looked like, fixing those niggly little buggy things I’ve wanted to for such a long time, adding a resource page that I’ve been wanting to work on for so long, setting up better coaching systems (more of this to come later), updating all areas of my website so it looked and felt fresh for me. Not to mention finally finishing my post event wrap up piece AND scheduling an email for last week that hadn’t been sent for some time.

The result feeling calmer and more in control. I obviously don’t recommend constantly working on busy little tasks, its not where you need to be spending your time. However, it is super important every once in a while to do that spring clean, declutter and refresh you need and this was the perfect time.

Action: Where are your energy leaks and how can you plug them? What do you need to do?


This is a super tech-y thing I fixed but man has it had such a difference in my own mindset AND with better systems in place. I was working with Time Trade to book in my clients which was so not user friendly for me, every time it took like 2 minutes for me to login successfully. I had so many emails I needed to do backwards and forwards with my clients before they were on boarded. I knew I wanted to upgrade to Satori but I kept putting it off. That was until I read this incredible piece by Denise Duffield Thomas (which lets be real I am such a lover of all she does!) that helped me see what a limiting block I had.

Satori would make my life so much easier! It’s cost $40 AUD per month, and for some reason I didn’t feel like I had that cash flow. How did I not have faith that I would earn so much more than that per month with this new process.

So I upgraded, and I am so in love with it!


I have my feet firmly planted on the ground so after all this imagination and creation it was time to put my feet back on the ground and look at what I was actually going to do. I wanted to add this in because I believe it is important to say that I can’t do everything it doesn’t make sense, I know what is currently most important for me given where I am at this point in time. But I have a lot more passion and excitement about everything and where I am heading.

What’s more this is fun again.

Lastly, my favourite part has definitely been getting ready for my upcoming photoshoot. I am so excited for this, I have been scouring Pinterest and people I love on Instagram to find pictures for inspiration and cannot wait to share with you more behind the scenes as we go along. It has been over 2 years since my original pictures for my site were taken so it is definitely time for a revamp. Do you love photoshoots, branding and styling as much as I do? Love to see some behind the scenes of the creative process?

Let me know and I will craft a specific post about my whole creative process if you are interested.


So this needs to be here because it is such an important aspect of falling back in love with your business and continue moving forward. Taking the action, there was a point where I was ready to take the action but I was paralysed by fear before I had to get over it and realise I needed to launch it out into the world. This is always the case – it can always be more perfect, but it gets to a point where you need to take action and that’s what I did here.

So there we go how I fell out of love with my business, and how I upped the romance and fall back in love.

Now I am at this incredible stage of knowing that my business works for me whether I am here or not. I am sure this will be a continual journey together, but I am so excited for it to unfold.

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