Last Saturday I was working my day job and I told my boss that I have major #joblove. Why? Because I had a turmeric latter bought for me as a treat, and was gifted an incredible new jacket we just got in. This is on top of the already incredible perks I get with complimentary yoga and pilates classes.

Yesterday my day was made even more incredible by being gifted a brand new pair of running shoes as once again an incredible gift to say ‘thank you’ for all my work recently.

The funny thing is that this job didn’t just fall into my lap, it’s a job that a lot of people look to as their dream job, but I was able to make it mine.


I literally manifested my dream job. At the start of last year I knew I wanted to find a flexible and incredible job to provide me with a stable income while I built up MV. So I went about writing my dream list and desire statement about the type of job I wanted to create. I wrote everything down – unpoalogetically what I wanted. I wrote gratitude for this incredible job coming my way. I thought about it every time I was in my car. I journaled about it and I took daily action on this.

Less than 3 weeks later I officially hired at my dream job.

People can get so caught up with uncovering the perfect way to create what they want in their life, the answer? It’s really not that hard, and I don’t want to make it hard for you. This is why I am hosting an upcoming workshop in Melbourne all about Manifest My Desires. And guess what?



Have you been putting too much faith and trust in your fear more than your own self?

Is that mean girl in your mind telling you all the reasons why you won’t succeed, don’t deserve what you want and won’t get it?

Do you feel stuck and so far away from the person and life that you want to have?

If so beautiful, than join myself and other like minded souls who are craving something more from there life for a night filled with sacred connection, heart-focused clarity and soul filled action.

In this beautiful night we will sit together and declare our biggest desires. We will look at what we are afraid of right in the eyes, let go of these limiting beliefs and stories together and choose a new loving story we want to create.

What is it you desire? To love yourself, be kind to yourself, start a side passion project, be the healthiest version of yourself, land your dream job, declare your next adventure or to step out of your little bubble and have more confidence. Whatever it is, let me help yo create that in your life.



DATE: 7:30-9:30pm Thursday 25th August

WHERE: 1/349 Chapel Street, South Yarra

BRING: A journal and pen

TICKETS: Early bird $40 (available until 28th July)

Regular price $50



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“I learnt so much about myself and being in a group environment really helped me see how others were struggling with the same things I was. I loved getting to look back at my past successes that I’d forgotten about. I learnt that I need to let go of the past failures and look towards the future.” Lucy

“The biggest takeaway from this workshop was that I can do/achieve everything want to. I just have to believe I can. That I am not the only one feeling this way.” Danielle

“Thank you so much for giving me efficient, immediately effective tips delivered in a personal, open-hearted setting with more smiles than a photo booth.” Naomi

From this event you will uncover:

The heart focused clarity about what you actually want to create and manifest in your life.

Let go of the old stories that your mean girl tells you that holds you back.

Chose new loving and powerful beliefs that will move you forwards.

Uncover your hidden sabotages that are holding you back.

Why your self-care and being kind to yourself is the biggest factor to you achieving what you want.

How to InJoy the process of working towards those desires as opposed to feeling like they are forever away.

How to deal when shit hits the fan.

Learn how to fall in love with your desires, head-over-heels devoted to them and your own journey.

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Who this event is perfect for?

If you are craving connection with like minded individuals.

If you are on the cusp of something and you know it’s time to back yourself and go all in, this event will give you the space to move forward in the direction you want to go.

You want to learn how to let go of old thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back from achieving what you want.

You are ready to fully commit to yourself, the life you desire and make that happen. You are sick of living that half life (even if the next step is scary, you are ready for it).

You love following your dreams, growth, connection and having fun – this is the night for you!

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If you have any questions at all you can email me at otherwise I so look forward to seeing you there!

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