So I am going to do something that kind of scares me but something that I love viewing from other people. Isn’t that funny, it’s what Brene Brown says about, the authenticity paradox: vulnerability is the last thing I want you to see in me, and the first thing I look for in you.”

I believe there is so much information out there in regards to living and leading a life that you freaking love, but the way I learn is through hearing people’s own personal stories.

Most of these stories are written at the end of someone’s journey and time along with hindsight can make it sound very different. So I wanted to take one of my big juicy goals and take you through exactly how I am planning on reaching it. So a new monthly post that I will be diving into will be my Manifest My Desires: A Real + Honest Behind the Scene’s.

Today is all about the January edition. 

See, I have my own big desires that I am trying to manifest within my own life and I want to share that journey with you for the purpose of seeing what it truly requires for someone to reach their big, bold and beautiful dreams.

I want to share with you what I am actually implementing within my own life, what is working and what is totally not working. Not to mention sharing the ‘this is so shit’ moments, and the ‘I can’t believe this happened!’ moment.

This post is going to be full of practical take-aways that you can implement within your own life to help you truly manifest your desires too!

So I’ll let you in on the big desire I am manifesting within my own life.

I AM working for myself within my successful coaching business, full time by the end of the year.

Let’s jump into how I am going with this big intention for myself.


This is the time to get really clear on your big desire, dream big, don’t worry about if you think it will happen or not, really go there!

Notice how I clarified in that statement that I am, opposed to I want, I wish, I think. I am already declaring it at every moment that I can.

In regards to setting timelines to your big goals. This is such an important thing to do, you need to give yourself guidelines to work with – but of course things happen that are out of your power at times.

Therefore you want to remain aligned to your desires but flexible. 

Meaning I have stated that I am working for myself, full time by the end of the year. It *may* not happen this way, I am also open to it happening when it needs to – because most of all I trust that it will happen. As my favourite quote from A Course in Miracles says those who are sure of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety. Want more on this topic, tune into my Facebook Live meditation here.

So how have I gone about manifesting this within my own life this year?

This month has been about really cementing into this desire.

  • I rewrote every single one of my passwords I have to reflect this goal within my own life. Meaning I am constantly writing and re-writing this desire, this intention and it is ALWAYS at the forefront of my mind.
  • I updated my vision board, with current pictures that really evoked how I want this year to feel, how I actually want to feel, by putting words on them. This is such a FUN step of getting clear on what you want to call in.
  • I crafted my own desire statement for my business and my personal life to really reflect how I want to live and lead this year. Placing these next to my bed or on top of my laptop to really be a constant anchoring into what I am calling in.
  • I cleared absolutely everything in my life. I Kon-Marie’d my life and got rid of anything and everything that does not spark me joy.

As you can see for me January was all about slowing entering into the New Year, really grounding myself into my big desires and creating touchstones that will keep me anchored to it.

This was the perfect place for me to start and I knew I wanted to get these ducks all lined up in a row before I really dived into the juicy big work. There were definitely times when my mind would wonder if I was just procrastinating, does it really need to be perfect?

The truth, of course not, you can take action and start whenever, but for me this is where I wanted to start. And I would highly recommend this important planting the seeds phase of manifesting your desires.


  • Chatting to my boss – they are absolute boss babes and made this so easy, they actually encouraged me to declare ‘I am no longer working for lululemon and running a successful coaching business by the end of the year’. Because they are the best it made this and is going to make the rest of the year flow for me with ease. Reminder – get a freaking A class team on your side!
  • Start declaring your desires to anyone and everyone that will hear you, you never know where that connection will lead to.
  • As Danielle LaPorte says, ‘dream like an eagle, plan like a mouse’ and this is definitely what I did. I got really clear on what does this mean for each month what does this mean for my day-to-day. How much money do I need to survive, to invest in my business, to take care of myself. All those juicy good questions.
  • Last year I also invested in a Mastermind by my absolute beautiful friend and total inspirational girl-boss’ Jade McKenzie’s this was another way I was truly showing up for myself and investing in my desires. So important! Let it be stated, I wanted to do this last year but it didn’t fit for me last year, I have always dreamt of doing one, but it never worked financially – listen to that. Start where you are. Just because you’ve started there doesn’t mean you will end up there.


My mind started playing tricks on me really quickly, isn’t it so funny how quickly the mind starts this. I thought I wasn’t doing very good. I thought it was a pretty shit month and I didn’t reach any of the goals I set out for myself or simply just it wasn’t good enough.

But then when I really sat down to look at all the wins of this month you will see:

  • 2 x Affiliates signing up through me
  • Finishing one incredible 6 month coaching package
  • A new affiliate just started coaching with me.
  • A client booking in for a complimentary consult.
  • Running a vision and goals workshop for lululemon.
  • Helping the lululemon x The Collective From Purpose to Practice event.

So it has actually been an incredibly month! I have exceeded my expectations this month. My mean girl of course wants to say it still isn’t enough because it’s not where I want to be in 8 months time, but guess what, it isn’t supposed to be. Side note – how mean are those voices in our heads?!

But it is a great first month. How can you celebrate the first month for yourself?

Focus for February. 

++ I want to keep putting myself out there and being visible. I have been doing a bit of business work each and everyday and that has been incredible something that has proven very helpful and such a step up from last year already.

++ I want to focus on building my reach, and weekly actions that I need to take to increase my clients, weekly/daily habits is where it’s at!

++ I have set myself a goal of writing for 40 publications in the year, meaning I have to get writing on those now.


If you are interested in diving deeper into this topic a great way that you can first get to know this and myself better is by signing up for my complimentary workshop Manifest My Desires which will walk you through my process of truly helping you Manifest your Desires.

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