On Sunday 18th June I had the absolute pleasure of gracing the stage with my fellow mastermind girls to share our message at the annual Inspired Women’s Showcase. I don’t know if you can tell by my beaming face but it was an absolute joy and I loved every single moment.

I’m so excited to dive a bit deeper into the day, what I got from this experience and share a very exciting announcement at the end as well. 

My heart was racing as the MC introduced who was up next on stage – it was my turn. The beaming goddess turned next to me, looked me square in the eyes and told me, the audience needs to hear your message. Then it was my turn.

I loved being up on stage, speaking my message to the audience, connecting in with each of their eyes and hearts. Even when my knees where shaking in my boots, nervous about what I was saying, it felt so right.

To then have women come up to me afterwards saying they connected to my message so much, they could relate to always having to feel like they were the best, and so hard on themselves. It moved me to see this women reaching out to me. And then the people that told me I looked so natural speaking.

Heart full. Beaming with pride.


Was held at the Art Series Hotel – The Blackman. The beautiful Jo Parker was such a genuine MC to host the day and introduce each of the women from the Beautiful Business Mastermind.


Elva Li – Say Goodbye to the “Good Girl” and Be the “Super Star” of Your Personal Brand

Aimee Wilson – The Power of Working with Horses

Sharyn Holmes – Raising Gutsy Girls

Abby Lewtas – How to Live a Life of Adventure

Justine Peacock – From Obligation to Connection – creating a life of peace and purpose

Mel Cook – The Shy Confident Girl- A True Love Story

Olga Lukasiewicz – Soul Connection, Life Connection

Maddi Vernon – The Self Help Journey That Brought Me Home

Lisa Mitchell – Finding Your Freedom

Kate Cashman – The Renewal Revolution: Taking a Breath Between the Busy

This day could not have been put on without the incredible powerhouses behind the Beautiful Business Mastermind, Jade McKenzie, Laura Banks, Kate Cooper and Chloe Wigan. Each of them helping to plan the Inspired Women’s Showcase and be such a pivotal role in helping support each of us through our mastermind journey.

I also want to say a big thank you to Courtney Johnston for doing my makeup and Mon from MB Captured who took all of the beautiful pictures.


I spoke about my self help journey that has taken a long and windy road. From always identifying as an overachiever and wanting to do the best that I could do. To crashing into a psychologists couch at the ripe old age of 20 due to crippling stress and anxiety – I believed everything my mind told me as gospel. I started to learn the power of my own mind,  how to release the shackles I held around.

Which was short lived when I fell into the same perfectionist, over achieving never good enough mentality along the way – more than a couple of times.

But all of the journey gave me a gift. The gift to find my way home to me, to my heart. That’s always what it comes back to. Each moment I get to chose to listen to my head or follow my heart. I can listen to that ego based fear projection wanting to keep me safe and small or follow my heart hat quietly whispers to me, what’s next. This has been and will continue to be a life long journey.

The guests really related to this never feeling good enough mentality that can permeate society and our lives if we let it. Sometimes it doesn’t even stop when we find that personal development world, then we want to be the most perfect self improving person ever. Ludicrous, right?

This message has been and always will be the core of what I do, to help you become free from your own mind, and the limitations it places on you.


I am a firm believer that you don’t get what you want, you get who you are. Meaning time after times you have to put yourself in circumstances before you are ready. This is why I took the scary leap at the start of the year to join Jade McKenzie’s annual Beautiful Business Mastermind.

Putting myself in a situation unsure of what I was going to get out of it, what I would learn and how I would grow. The best thing this experience has given me (keeping in mine we still have a month left) is being in an incubator of other women who all have the exact same goal as me. Being held accountable to the actions I need to take monthly, weekly and daily.

The best part, connection, and support between myself and these women. An honouring of however each individual person is choosing their own journey of success but underneath it all we are stepping up and playing bigger than ever before.

Seriously, there is something SO special about when women come together to support one another – magic happens.

I cannot wait to see what this last month brings me from being in this mastermind. I know so many new exciting things are in the works, and I have a very exciting opportunity below too.


I am running a second round of my Time to Shine group coaching program for women who are ready to shine like they were born to in their biz.

So do you need support, encouragement, accountability and most importantly – results? 

Join myself and an intimate group of women to help you conquer your biggest fears and work towards your biggest dreams.

During our time together, we will discuss how to conquer self-doubt, fear and push past the excuses that are holding you back. You will become crystal clear on what you want to bring into your life, unapologetically declaring it. Not to mention ensuring you take the best care of yourself in the process because when you do, magic happens.

Click here to find out more information or email maddison@maddisonvernon.com to register your interest.


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