I firmly believe the way to get what you want, to have more of what you want in your life is to be happier now.


I have to be happier, even when I so hate where I live, I don’t have the perfect job, am not making my dream income and totally do not have the good life yet? I hear ya, but trust me, even research backs me up.

When you are happier your mind becomes more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient and productive at work, at your home life, everywhere.

And if that wasn’t enough even Oprah has my back on this one.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

The Old Paradigm of how to succeed. 

I want to work for myself so I can have more money, to spend on myself and enjoy the good life, flowers, candles and time out all while following my passion.

So what I will do is slog it out. I will try to do everything for everyone and one point in the future I will get to “that point” where I will feel successful. When that happens then I will start acting the way I always thought I would.

If that wasn’t bad enough, if you weren’t putting off happiness, which never feels good, once you arrive at that so called point you might change the post. As a healthy human that loves growth you are constantly working on improving yourself, so that point, becomes a new point. The goal post is just moved. You realise, actually I want that other thing a little bit out further than me. It could even be hitting that elusive 6 figure goal, getting to fly around the world, masterminding with incredible minds.

And so you put off your happiness for a little bit longer, because there is this new, fun, shiny thing to follow. Thus you are in the continual cycle of more, more, more, when I have’s and once this to feel fulfilled.

** Let me clarify this, there are certain times where you put in effort, tighten the budget, work harder, put in more for a specific goal or outcome you are working towards. There isn’t anything wrong with that, especially if you are conscious of what you are working towards and your parameters of why you are doing it. What you don’t want happening and could be unravelling in your life right now is this content “when I have, when I have” mentality, that stops you from living the life you want now.


The New Paradigm of how to succeed. 

Which is what I call throw out the rule book, stop following the crowd, and do what YOU want.

Not what I want you to do, not what you think you should do, what’s the newest on trend, the coolest thing. Do what YOU want to do. Not because you have to, not because you should, just because it fills you up.

So instead of waiting to reach “that point” that goal, that mark in the future, look at what you want to create when you will feel successful and start living that NOW.

Let me help you with the exact way I know how. I am going to flip the old success paradigm on it’s head for you to help you bring in what you want now, to call in more happiness and feel-good vibes which isn’t only going to make life more fun NOW, but will also help you continually move forward to where you want to go. It’s so much easier to do the work and be in action when you are loving the process and not hating it.


I want you to get really CLEAR, like so freaking crystal clear on what you want that you can see it unfolding before your eyes. Look at the person you want to be in 1 years time, the most ideal, you have everything you desire, not what you think you deserve but everything you desire.

Start painting the picture by answering these questions.

  • What are you doing?
  • How are you treating yourself?
  • What do they wear?
  • How do they spend your spare time?
  • You hit a massive goal how are you going to celebrate?
  • Your favourite Friday meal is?
  • You move your body how often, doing what, how does it feel?
  • Who are you surrounded by? Who’s on your arm, cheering you on and that shoulder?

The purpose of this activity is to get really clear on what you want your life to look like. Now this can sometimes be a really frustrating exercise as you can feel SO far away from who you want to be. But this is not the time to get stuck in your Mind Jail. This is a time to be inspired by who you want to become.

You know what you want to be doing, now it’s the important and fun action.


Instead of waiting for that point in the future to feel those things, to act that way start bringing it into your life now.

How can you cultivate these feelings, how can you InJoy what you have now, how can you care for yourself?

You probably have fell down the rabbit hole of thinking when you are successful than you will take a 30 minute break to nap, meditate or do yoga. You will fire that client who feels soul-sucking. You will take the time in the morning to adorn yourself by choosing an outfit you love, not by throwing on whatever you can find.

Let me guess, right now life does not look like that, and you simply cannot do any of those things. 

But beautiful, that right there is the exact limiting belief, destructive thought that is holding you in this present moment. The Universe is not going to send you what you want when you are clearly giving them signals that you are deserving of everything you have now.

It is up to you to show the Universe, the people around you and most importantly yourself who you are, how you deserve to be treated and why you should be valued. It is up to you to set yourself up for the success and the people will follow suit.


Final my favourite step, the hardest step but one I am rocking sooo freaking hard right now.

T R U S T  T H E  P R O C E S S 

Loosen your grip on the Universe, breath, relax, reconnect to you.

Meaning: chill the fuck out.

Don’t pretend you don’t have enough time to do yoga, or meditate, or journal, or go for that run. Do those things that make you feel good.

* I am totally about to hop off to some delicious Yoga at Humming Puppy here in Melb.

** It was freaking sensational and the exact chill the freak out moment I needed.

There you go beautiful why I hand on my heart believe and KNOW that being happier now is the key to getting what you want now and in the future, along with the exact way you can start creating what you want now and in turn call in what you want.


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