On the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending Sian Pascale‘s Urban Goddess Day Retreat all about the Divine Feminine. To say this women is a moving goddess would be accurate. I recently attended her Winter Solstice Yoga Practice that left me feeling so aligned and clear within my own body that I knew I wanted to attend more of her events.

Lesson number one, get out there and connect with people who are doing cool epic shit that you want to be apart of.

As of late I’ve been really called to dive deeper into these goddess archetypes. A couple of days before the divine feminine workshop I attended Julie Parker‘s first Sacred Sister Circle all about the Great Mother, mother earth. At this sacred circle Julie spoke that from the Great Mother Goddess all other goddesses were born from and so I knew it was fitting to learn and speak of my connection with her first.

When I attended Sian’s Winter Solstice Yoga Practice I was moved and shaken. The core work that I do here is helping women get out of their own heads, the limiting beliefs that they hold onto and connect in with their own inner truth and hearts. Meaning I spend and have spent a lot of time within my own head.

What I loved about the Winter Solstice practice was instead of talking about it or thinking about it we embodied and created the energy shifts and clearings within ourselves. I felt completely aligned leaving that Winter Solstice and I knew something special would come out of this new found connection. Lo and behold it certainly did.

Shakti Goddess


I loved connecting to this goddess and embodying my own shakti energy. As a woman who loves order, structure and runs her own business I have a lot of to-do’s not to mention living in a masculine dominated society. The chance to embody and invite this shakti energy into my life was such a joy and something I want to continue to incorporate into my life.

In this session Sian spoke of a myth were a certain god only wanted to pray to Shiva the divine masculine god and not Shakti the divine feminine god. So the person worked and worked and worked until finally on the 3rd day of only praying to Shiva they were devoid of all energy within themselves. What happened was without praying to the Shakti and calling it into their life there was no replenishment of their energy.

This story made so much sense to me, the need to fill ourselves back up and not always working, working, working because it would exhaust us. And often times this is how we live our life. In our masculine dominated society were we celebrate outcome and achievement the need to simply be in that shakti energy is paramount.

My next favourite part was shaking all of the energy from within our bodies. We danced, moved, shook and shaked our bodies, our hips and arms. I took my hair out and let it flip everywhere, something I rarely do, unless dancing.

We were to imagine shaking off everything, all the expectations people placed on us, what they thought we should be doing, shake everything off that we were holding onto and I loved the experience and found it so freeing.

I had the interesting experience and I shared in the circle that I had such fun dancing, shaking it all of and my hair being out and wild. And then the song ended and I felt the need to put my hair back up and back to order within myself.

It was such a nod to how my life works. You can be wild, but only this much, now go back to order, to masculine, to control. Instead of letting the shakti continue to flow and move through me. Something very interesting to continue to explore.

Kali Goddess


I was so excited to dive deeper within Kali Mae. This woman is fierce, and not beautifully fierce, but completely entirely fierce. Often pictured with her tongue poking out, with a sword in one arm and carrying the cut off heads from the demons she has slayed. You’re starting to get the idea now?

You might be wondering why I was excited to dive into her?

Simple, Kali’s role is to help take whatever is no longer serving you from your life. And for me I was so excited to offer up all the limitations I place on myself and what I think about myself instead of seeing what I am truly capable of.

This yoga practice was all about fire and strength within, hello my abdominals!

There was deep belly breath work – it was intense.

Lakshmi Goddess


Ahhh, Lakshmi, everyone’s favourite, because truly who doesn’t want bounty, beauty and abundance in their life? I was really looking forward to diving deeper into this goddess. To deepen my relationship with the incredible abundance that I already have in my life, because I have so much.

The ability to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, that I have an apartment that I get to live in and go to yoga classes that I love. Not to mention the incredible richness I have in my life with the amazing people that I am surrounded by and the experiences I have had.

Doing this practice really allowed me to see the beauty and abundance in every facet of my life and that final shavasana was so epic I was floating out of the room.

Last little bits …


I love the beautiful remembering at this event that nothing is chance, nothing is random. You are placed in life at the exact moment and times that you need to. When you are speaking about something and it pops into your periphery and eyesight every couple of days, it’s because you need to stop and listen.

When you sit next to that person – there is a reason. Even in this online world I play in, nothing is by chance or random. And perhaps you cannot see it today, or in a months time but it is planting seeds for years to come.


I love connection it is one of my core desired feelings in life – has been for so long now. And I loved getting to sit down next to someone new each time and connect with them on such a deep level. I don’t believe there were any accidents and the exact people that I was meant to meet, I met.

This experience was absolutely incredible. And I really want to remind you to go to events, be in that space. Find your people, and even if you don’t know anyone go there.

It was such an incredible experience one that I absolutely loved and I am so excited to dive deeper into these even more, I am off to purchase Awakening Shakti for my upcoming holiday. And it has me so excited for my Yoga Teacher Training later this year.

This was something different to what I would normally post, but I hope you enjoyed this. I have been enjoying doing wrap up of events and workshops I attend because truth be told, I go to some seriously cool shit.

I’d love to know if you’ve been filling called to dive deeper within yourself to the feminine? You can hit comment below, or email maddison@maddisonvernon.com I would love to find out your experience. 


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