My head has seriously been spinning as of late. I recently moved apartments and I couldn’t think straight, between boxes everywhere, packing, unpacking, getting my period, familiarising myself with a new area and home, like’s felt chaotic. Not to mention finishing the Beautiful Business Mastermind and starting my Yoga Teacher Training soon, as well as going full time within my own business it’s safe to say I was all over the place, couldn’t figure out my up from down and generally feeling funky.

This showed up in life as a short fuse, complaining about everything, being restless, but not being able to stop and take a break.

I couldn’t shake it.

I felt like I wasn’t doing enough, wanting to relax but feeling guilty the moment I would.

I’d wonder if I’d ever get my shit together, and don’t even get me started on everyone’s European summer. Social media was not my friend.

And so I stepped back, I quietened the noise – it didn’t magically fix anything but it definitely wasn’t any worse.

Now I love speaking about making your desires come true and all of that fun stuff but today I wanted to provide you with a post to help you when you are feeling that funk.

Cos let’s be real, it happens, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Let me show you how I started to feel my way out of the funk – definitely not with elegance and ease, but maybe it might help you.

Let’s dive in!

1. Acceptance & Surrender

Surrender to and accept where you are – whole heatedly. Meaning if you end up crying daily, don’t try to push it away – it’s only going to come out in the wrong way later. Let yourself feel the emotions and don’t try to make it any different.

Accept where you are at, even when you don’t love it. Actually – especially when you don’t like it.

Recently my beautiful yoga teacher told me the Taoism saying “doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing”. So pause for a second and think, are you busy doing nothing when in fact you could actually give yourself a true moment of nothing, of bliss, of rest? Indulge yourself.

2. Reach out to people

When I was funky I didn’t pretend I wasn’t. Some people got it straight away (mainly those closest to me that saw the tears) but those of my friends I did see I didn’t pretend I was totally super, happy and fine. I told them, actually I’m not feeling the best. I didn’t hide behind that perfect mask, instead I let people in.

Ahhh letting people in – so crucial!

These friends were incredible they got it, they didn’t try to fix me or change me, they knew I’d get out of it, heck I knew it as well, they just let me be. What a beautiful gift! People that see you, for the true you and hold space for you.

3. Self Care

I don’t know about you but when I start to feel shitty, I’m probably not taking the best care of myself, plain and simple. And so I started back on self-care 101.

Cos let’s face it that chocolate for breakfast, not eating food, and going to bed late really wasn’t helping.

Back to the drawing board. What did that look like?

Sitting down and planning out my entire meals for the week, I do not have the mental power to think up meals and go buy ingredients everyday – just not something I care for. A lot of what I eat is pre-preapred to make it easy.

Next was grabbing some good fiction books to help me rest and relax before bed. Going back to yoga and ensuring I got out of the house during the day (I am looking at you all the peeps working from home) not to mention actually putting on makeup in the morning and brushing my hair. Acting as if I was going out, this has such a big difference on how I am feeling about my self.

4. Perspective

Okay, so truth be told, I am also in the midst of launching my meditation album which I am so excited about – this is coming out next week. Ohhhh sooo close!

So let’s be real, this funk and shit hitting the fan – *might* have something to do with me freaking out because I was going to a new level in my business. It’s scary.

So my question for you in the midst of this funk, is there a reason this funk started? 

There totally doesn’t have to be a reason. But perhaps you just got a new client on board, maybe you are loving your body or having such a deep relationship with your partner and then all of a sudden those amazing feelings transfixed to inner mean girl piping up pretty loud?

It might be worth looking into further.

Here’s my wisdom for you – which you can totally take or leave it, but be kind and be kind some more. Right now, this is your permission slip to do what you need.

5. You are a QUEEN

This final piece of wisdom came at the most perfect time. The reminder that I am the QUEEN of my own life. I control everything that happens and nobody can make me feel anyway.

This was really that turning point to me reclaiming my power.

I believe this finally presented itself to me when I felt ready enough to go back out there and act accordingly. If I had somebody tell me that earlier in the week I think I would have rolled my eyes and told them to bugger off. Cos you know, no one’s perfect 😉

After realising I am a sovereign being over my own life. I journaled some questions that proved to be so invaluable for me and you might like them too.


  • What is not working for me right now?
  • What is working for me right now?
  • What do I want more of?
  • What do I want to let go of?

6. Master Your Mind

Funnily enough this last resource is actually mine. Now I am often creating for my clients or for my readers, however I rarely ingest my own content, it’s something I am not quite comfortable doing yet.

But I found an audio that I recorded for my Master Your Mind masterclass. It’s all about going from crippling self-doubt and all or nothing thinking to radical self belief. So I stumbled across the first audio and LOVED it!

It was the perfect reminder, and message I needed to hear.

It helped me so much and I have actually made it available now, so if you are interested in it too, you can download it here or you can fill out your details below and receive the content as well. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Finally – You are not alone. There is nothing wrong with you for feeling funky. Don’t make it mean anything – cos trust me, the only thing it means is you are human. And guess what? There is nothing wrong with being human.

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