Fear can stop you doing a lot of things.

It can stop you taking a month off your coaching business while you complete a yoga teacher training because you fear that everyone will forget about you and all of your clients will disappear.

It can tell you that you have to keep working every second of every day, and if you do stop then you will be left behind and forgotten. So don’t stop working. Don’t rest and don’t take a pause.

It can paralyse you with recent world events, maybe you want to contribute but you fear to say the wrong thing, how can you help?

Fear can stop you dead in your tracks, make you feel sweaty and wrong from the get go.

Fear to make a move in case it is the wrong one, fear tells you to listen to the shaming voice and believe the BS stories within your own mind.

Fear can feel very real. And in some cases it is, and is warranted.

Fear can tell you, it doesn’t matter what you say it is going to be the wrong thing, so you should simply sit down and shut up.

You completely have the choice to do that. You can listen to that fear based thinking, the old stories on repeat and stay exactly as you are. Hey you might even totally enjoy that. The beauty is – that is completely your choice!

Or you can choose to listen to that other voice, that other side.

You can chose that deep soul, intuitive nudge that tells you.

You are enough.

You are safe.

You can do it. 

We got your back girl. 


So instead of choosing fear based actions and running myself exhausted not quite enjoying my yoga teacher training and not quite enjoying my coaching business I realised I had a choice. I could chose to listen to my own intuition, trust and back myself.

This is the moment I had been dreaming of. To be able to take a month off my business to complete a one month immersion of yoga study.

I mean how freaking lucky and blessed am I to do this? And so I am choosing to believe in myself, choosing to believe that it will all work out, that my clients will be there waiting for me when I get back and you will be eager to continue working with me.

Because that fear based, scarcity thinking was just keeping me small. And it certainly wasn’t what I truly believed I would be capable of.


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