Welcome to episode 15 of the Inner Calm Podcast.

Did you know? We have 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, 1 thought for every second you are awake. Most of these thoughts are repeated from yesterday, these are habitual thoughts within your own mind. And most of these thoughts are skewed towards your own negative bias, to look at the world through a ‘not good enough’ or lack mentality.

In this episode I am diving into the importance of letting go of your negative thinking. Let it be clear, I am not saying you should only think “positive”, this is unrealistic and detrimental, but what I do care about is how are the words you are using, making you feel? Are the thoughts you are thinking, kind and loving or chaotic and harsh?

Three tools to help you let go of your negative thinking. 

  1. Journalling out all of the negative thoughts within your mind.
  2. Scheduling worry time.
  3. Pattern disruptor of flicking a hair tie.

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