Welcome to the twelfth episode of the Inner Calm Podcast.

In this episode I am talking about my favourite topic, sleep. I love sleeping, and I work really hard to help myself fall asleep and get as many hours as I can. I used to really struggle with falling asleep when I was little but as an adult have created beautiful rituals in my life to support me to fall asleep.

I dive into my three favourite rituals that you can implement within your own life to help you fall asleep.

1// Implementing your own digital switch off time. I recommend at least 1 hour prior to wanting to fall asleep or hopping into bed.

2// Winding down. At the same time I am putting my phone and technology away I am setting the winding down scene. In truth this is mainly done by the sun, so in winter this occurs much earlier, and in summer much later. But I believe this is how we are meant to live, in alignment with the sun.

To do this, I put candles on, maybe burn some essential oils, calming chill music, and our lamps automatically turn on when the sun goes down – which is currently my favourite thing. Note this works as a great way to wind myself down for bed, but also provides that winding down from your work day to a relaxing night time mode.

3// Self Soothing activity. For me this is my night time shower ritual, I like to imagine all the water washing away my day, and this is a very mindful activity for myself to prepare myself to fall asleep. For you, it could be a hot cup of tea, or your favourite beverage you mindfully drink and enjoy before you get ready for bed.


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