Welcome to the eleventh episode of the Inner Calm Podcast.

This episode is perfectly designed for anyone who identifies as highly sensitive or an empath. 

In this episode I am diving deeper into boundaries and how to protect your own energy and sanity. I share about my own personal experience with implementing boundaries, and what my life looked like prior to this.

I then share a few key rituals that I implemented within my own life to help me create boundaries around myself and my life. Meaning I was no longer taking on other people’s stuff.

1// No social media or outward input before you’ve connected to yourself.

2// Connecting to YOUR vision and what you want.

3// Calling all of your energy back to yourself



Here is the link to the protective visualisation episode.

Wanting to watch this via video format, you can do so here.

Wanting to dive deeper this blog post about protecting your own energy might interest you.


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