Do you feel guilty for putting yourself first?

When you do put yourself first and have a moment to rest, all you hear is “you are being lazy, you can’t rest, you don’t deserve this.”

Hit a goal you’ve been so excited for? But it doesn’t *really* deserve to be celebrated, because it doesn’t count right?

Do you agonise over making the wrong decision? Your mind convincing you their is a right and wrong choice?

What happens when you slip up, you make a mistake, you get it slightly wrong? Never say those words to someone else?

This is the event for you. 


Needing to step off the hamster wheel of life and truly put yourself first? It’s time to ditch the negative self talk within your mind that tells you, you can’t stop, slow down or rest. That you can’t put yourself first and take care of you.

Because trust me beautiful, you deserve it. 



Join me, Maddison Vernon for an intimate workshop that will help you tune out your critical self-talk and judgement that is always running in the background. To find and re-connect to a loving voice within you.

Each event is unique and truly catered to the special souls in the room. What you can expect is a delicious mix of journalling, self-reflection, guided meditations, dreamy yoga Nidra’s (yogic sleep). Helping you connect with the loving source within.


You’ll walk away with:

Identifying the different types of negative self-talk and understanding your own unique blend and how it is holding you back.

Learning a step-by-step process to tune out your overly critical and judgemental self-talk to replace it with love and kindness.

Debunking common myths that your mind is telling you, holding you back from changing your negative self talk.

You’ll leave feeling truly rested and nourished, home for a dreamy sleep.



Wednesday 7th August 7- 9 pm

Madam Heap, 106 Canterbury Road, Middle Park

Early Bird: $40 (til Wed 10th July midnight)

General: $45



Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, this event doesn’t offer refunds. You are so welcome to send a friend in your space.

What do I need to bring with me?

No need to bring anything with you. No need to print your ticket my love, yourself and your name is all you need. You will be provided with a pen and workbook. If you have a chosen notebook you love (who doesn’t?) you are welcome to bring this, but by no means have too.

Any extra question?

You are so welcome to email me on