Life is feeling chaotic right now, sitting here too hot from my freshly cooked minestrone soup with cramps pretty much sums up life right now. This morning I journaled like I do most mornings and felt that this mish-mash collection and ramblings of everything in my head would be of use to somebody out there.

This is a collection of thoughts penned from the inside of my journal.

Just trying to make sense of this little world I live in, and perhaps it might help you make sense of something you have going on right now too.

My thoughts on making it in business:

I believe to succeed in business you will work harder than you ever have before.

I also believe that you can InJoy the process and shouldn’t hate it. You should not fall victim to the “when I have” syndrome, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy.

Just because it might not be easy, does not mean it can’t flow with ease.

D E V O T I O N  &  E A S E 

Two of my core desired feelings for the year. Devotion and ease (with a bit of grit) is how I would sum up your journey with building and creating your own business and life that you love. Because doing the work, showing up daily and committing to the actions is hard. Sometimes you gotta shut up and make shit happen. Sometimes you have to be in your masculine to achieve what you want. Meaning sometimes after working your day job you need to come home and write a blog post straight from your heart because that is what you are committed to.

Last night I was given the privilege of listening to Stephanie Prem speak the owner and founder of Studio PP and a winter omypian. She spoke about her journey competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics and her journey of getting to that moment. For her it was about all those 1% differences along the way. That is what helped her rank top 20 in the world, that is what helped her break the top 15. Those tiny 1% differences that she could do to improve herself.

Really that’s what life is, that’s what business is. Using every 1% opportunity you can to grow, to improve to better yourself than before. You are either stepping closer to the person you want to be and the life you want to have or you are moving further away. It is always your choice. It is always your choice.


I have been a lover of yoga of 4 years now. I have had a shoulder injury for 2 years now. I have gone from physio to physio, hated the experience to surrendering, to doing what I can to finally feeling at peace, to go full circle once or twice more. It’s been a rollercoaster.

But one thing has always remained the same, my love and passion for yoga. It is so much more than an asana practice for myself, for me it is a moving meditation one that I love to play in, and leaves me floating on life.

In yoga the other day I realised my relationship with yoga as of late has been sporadic, and I am done with that. It is time for me to once again devote myself to it. If I want to be a yogi, I need to practice yoga. Sporadic classes, sometimes lots and sometimes not is no longer going to cut it. I feel the time is now to devote myself to my love of it. To dive deep, and commit to myself and my practice. One again, devoting myself to what I want to create and love.

Thoughts and ramblings on running your own events

You have pushed all my buttons, I have learnt, I have grown. I have dropped the ball, picked it back up, gotten sick, fumbled over you, but I am back to you, full committed and showing up. There was even this moment after the ticketing site wasn’t working I thought, should I not do this? Would I be considered a failure if I just didn’t go through with it? I mean what if no one even shows up?

But when I sat with that, when I really sat with the idea of letting it go, of not following through I couldn’t do it. I had to. Sometimes by giving yourself space to even think you will give up on an idea gives you the ability to once again chose it. To recommit and devote yourself to what you want to create.

Social Media and removing the pedestal

This is something I need to hear right now, and I know you need to as well. Instagram, Snapchat and now Instagram stories there are so many ways your little mind of yours can make you feel less than. When you see beautiful glossy pictures (which I take and love like everyone else!), or little stories of people walking in sunshine, making delicious foods, having time to sit and pause and you can barely make it out of bed some days, your mind can have a field day.

Me 2 days ago was laying horizontal and was absolutely flawed from a massage that left her with a complete headache. And now bruises on my body, yes I bruise like a peach!

All of these stories, pictures can make you feel like some body else life is better, that they have their shit together – they don’t, or that they don’t have days where they haven’t done the washing, or don’t face fear and self-doubt. We are all human we all have these same feelings.

The pictures aren’t the problems, it’s your mind, once again trying to convince you that their life is shinning and perfect and you have no shit together at all.

Don’t let your mind convince you of that. Know that everyone is facing the same demons as you.

Lastly, what I want to share with you, that it is your time to shine, don’t let this imperfect life of yours hold you back from what you want to create, from what you desire to make. 

It’s your time to shine and it will work because you will make it work. 


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