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Desire statements have been with me as long as my favourite rose quartz necklace has. My clients love crafting desire statements to help them achieve, reach and manifest what they want in your life. I do too!

This process started out as something that I learnt from Gabrielle Bernstein. Somewhere along the way it has become so engrained in who I am and apart of what I teach. I’ve taught it in my group coaching programs, at my in person workshops and speak about it a little with my 1-1 clients. Truth be told, my coaching is more reserved for the action of truly helping these desires come true.

Let me give you the run down on what desire statements are, why I love them and how they can help you. I’ve also created a really cool worksheet to help you craft your own desire statement which I provide to my workshop groups.

A desire statement is a collection of carefully chosen words to help you feel the emotions you want to embody when you reach your goals and vision for your life.


The old way of manifesting what you want is setting goals like ‘I want to lose x amount by this date, I want to have this many subscribers by this date, this amount of money by this date’. Then you go about pushing, striving, pulling, chasing and ‘making shit happen’ to make this happen.

This can quite easily result in burnout and feeling never good enough. All this pushing, pushing, pushing makes you tired, fed up and frustrated. Why? Because that’s how you think you need to act to get anything done, with the glorification of the busy, the hustle or by sacrificing yourself. Which you know or need to know is straight up bullshit. Desire statements help you cut through all of that BS.

Also, let’s just say that old school goals kind of really bore me and make me upset. Setting yourself a goal can already make you feel like you are falling behind and that you are lacking with a big case of the not-good-enoughs. Why not focus on what you do want to bring into your life with fun, joy and ease, instead of taking it all far too seriously. 

The really cool way desire statements work and work so much more powerfully is because they help you embody the energy, feelings and vibration that you want to attract. It helps you attract what it is you desire into your life. Your energy speaks volumes to what you can push and pull to make happen. Let your energy, and those feelings, vibrate out into the Universe and that will attract what you want.

Of course let’s be real there are more steps in regards to this, but this is also the core foundational work to help you get your mind and energy right to allow this to flow with ease.

I’ve used desire statements to help me attract some pretty cool things in my life. 

++ My dream job in 2015.

++ A PB in a 10km race.

++ Income goals for a month.

++ Succesful workshops.

As you can see desire statements are the bom-diggity. So it is officially June 1st now, we are almost half way through the year. Today or the day you are reading this is the perfect time to help you refocus on what you want to be creating and calling into your life before the end of the year.

I sat down last night and wrote out a totally new and upgraded desire statement for my life and an exciting event I am attracting into my life. I used the exact process that I outline in the crafting your desire statement worksheet you can grab down the bottom.

The best thing about writing down your desire statements, are they help you co-create your most ideal future and you don’t have to get wrapped up in ‘how’ because in truth that is not your responsibility. You do not have to know how it will occur, but you just know that it will all work out.

Desire Statement: is a collection of carefully curated words that are spoken with power and conviction, to help you co-create your most ideal future.

The most important thing I want you to remember when writing your own desire statement, this is not a time to be conservative or only ask for what you want. Write down everything that you so desire to have achieved in about 3-6 months time this year. Don’t hold back, pour your heart out onto the page and let the words flow.

If you start to get caught up in what should you say, realise that the perfect desire statement and the “true” one is the one you write, right now from your heart. It’s that simple beautiful, so don’t overcomplicate it like we so often can.

If you are wanting extra help download my free worksheet below which will take you through a couple of steps to help you write yours with ease. 

Finally, you’ve written your desire statement, now how do you work on manifesting it into reality?

The final step mixed with action is deciding how you are going to keep re-affirming these desires into your life, how are you going to continue to breathe life into what you want?

I’ve included some of my favourite ways below.

  • Read it daily before you get out of bed and before you go to sleep. Read it with power and conviction.
  • Write letters to the universe thanking it for delivering, before it occurs.
  • Write what you are grateful for that is helping you move in the right direction or the teachings you learn along the way.
  • Set reminders on your phone daily and feel the power of your desire statement.
  • Create a dream board of pictures of what it looks like to achieve this.


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