Okay so beautiful, I get it, you WANT to start a meditation practice. You know all the benefits of having a regular meditation practice in your life. But still for some reason you can’t quite close your eyes and do it.

This is why I am going to be taking about the most common road blocks that are getting in your way to creating a regular meditation practice in your life. The good news it’s going to be short, simple and to the point. The bad news it’s kind of going to leave you with no excuses to not meditate. But reallty, there are worse things to happen.

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So let’s jump straight into the common blocks that make it difficult to start your own meditation practice. My fave is up first.

I want to meditate but I don’t have enough time.

On the front of one of my favourite yoga studios there is a statement, ‘if you don’t have five minutes, meditate for ten’. Meaning if you cannot make or find five minutes to close your eyes, be by yourself and meditate in your day. Than you definitely need to be meditating for ten minutes.

Perhaps what you mean by I don’t have enough time, is that I would rather be doing something else for my five minutes than meditating. Maybe you’d rather be scrolling through social media, sleeping in an extra five minutes or checking your email. All things that are a lot easier to do than meditating.

Action tip: Decide that this is important to you and carve out a sacred time for you to meditate everyday at the same time. This ensures continuity and stability. Perfect when adding in a new habit into your life. 

My suggestions, wake up first thing in the morning and you meditate. Before you get out of your car to go to work, take 5 minutes to meditate. Lunch break each day, before you eat, you meditate. Pick a time that works for you and start implementing it. I’d love to see pictures of you stop, dropping and meditating in your life. Post to Instagram and tag me @maddison_vernon. Or send me a direct message letting me know you are implementing it.

I want to meditate but I have too many thoughts, it’s impossible.

Oh beautiful, I see you. Let me tell you about the first time I ever meditated. I was stressed through the roof, placing far too many expectations on myself and worried about my future, petrified is probably the right word.

I recently purchased Kris Car’s Crazy Sexy Diet and had put myself on a 28 day hard core Vegan cleanse and in this practice was adding mediation to your life. One night I got a cushion and popped it down on the floor, and sat in my bedroom while I ‘meditated’ I think I got to 3 minutes before I totally gave up because my mind was thinking so much! And not this is so nice thoughts, like really mean and ugly thoughts. It was overwhelming.

See, I thought I was doing it wrong. I thought this was just another thing that I was failing at. My mind decided to beat myself up because I was meditating wrong, I was a failure. It is laughable what I believed and thought was my truth and put up with in my own mind.

See as all-or-nothing, perfectionist-seeking, hard-on-ourselves-women you tend to view the world as black and white. Meaning to meditate means to do something perfectly. Meaning you must meditate and you must clear your head of all the thoughts to consider yourself meditating.

Guess what in meditation the calm, still, feeling so at peace moments have an equal place as the really loud, my head is spinning, I can’t stop thinking moments. Both experiences you are meditating. There is no more weight given to either scenario they are both important and valued.

Lastly, let’s remember you don’t meditate because your mind is perfectly still and calm, you meditate because you need it. Meaning sometimes your head feels like it is spinning, that’s okay!

Action tip: When you are meditating, and you start to become aware of the thoughts in your head, simply bring your mind back to the music, your breathe, the words, or your mantra (whichever you chose). And when you are swayed, don’t attach any meaning or create a story around it, simply come back to your anchor. 

I want to meditate but I don’t know where to start.

I mean do I start with mantra, just timing myself, with guided meditations, do I sit on a cushion, do I sit in my bed, do I cross my legs, what if I have to move, I hope I can still move in meditation. Honestly the thoughts are exhausting.

And that’s all before you’ve even sat down to start. Once you’ve started you also have to deal with all those thoughts, am I doing it right, I’m a failure, why can’t I do anything. Sometimes quietening down to listen to all those thoughts can be quite confronting.

My favourite place to start is with short simple guided meditations, the ones I started with where Gabrielle Bernstein’s which you can access via her iTunes channel for free. I listened to these every morning to create my own morning meditation practice. I believe these types of short, sweet meditations are the perfect place to start. You can also have a listen to my meditations here.

Exciting Announcement

This is why I am so excited to announce I am working on my first meditation album with short quick mediations to help you start your meditation practice. I loved short guided meditations at the beginning, as time progressed and I felt comfortable I purchased longer guided ones and now I meditate with a mantra every morning and most afternoons.

Not only am I working on the meditation album I am also providing a ‘How to Meditate’ type series. As I said starting to meditate when you have not been given the proper tools can be quite confronting so I want to provide the information regarding ‘how to’ in a safe, peaceful and enjoyable way.


>> UPDATED << Purchase the ALIGNED meditation album & How to Meditate video series here



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