Beautiful I see you, weary eyed, depleted, borderline exhausted from life. It may not even make sense, from the outside your life might look amazing a ‘dream come true’ but underneath that perfect exterior you can feel the ground crumbling away below you. 

You are so over it all … 

Over putting yourself last, letting people walk all over you, making sure other people’s need are met before your own.

Over the crippling high standards you place on yourself, which means you never feel good enough.

Over your worth being dependent on your work, and never feeling like you can take a break or pause, there’s too much important stuff to do. Heck, even pointless busy work keeps you far too busy. 

It’s all getting too much and starting to impact your life, your relationships, even physically manifesting in your body with excess stress, not being able to sleep at night. You are suffering, while barely holding it together.


Are you ready to?

Live a life of intention, ditching the busy and learning to live a life that’s actually aligned with your values today – not when you’ve ticked all your to-do lists and achieved all your goals. What’s the point of arriving at your dream at the expense of your sanity and with exhaustion? 

Become your own sovereign being, take radical responsibility for your life. Anchor into who YOU are, regardless of the outside world and take action and live your life in the way that aligns with your values and ethics, not other people’s.

Stop running from the negative or the dark, or even side stepping the joy. Integrating the whole of you are. Wholeness is about living your life from a place of worthiness. Of cultivating courage, compassion and connection.

Stop, rest, press pause and play. Because life is about so much more than your to-do list. it’s meant to be enjoyed, not endured. You deserve more.  



I’m Maddison Vernon, a coach, yoga & meditation teacher and speaker. A book devourer, yogi lover, adventure seeker who craves connection and living wholeheartedly. I believe the world is moving at a pace where our bodies, hearts and minds simply cannot keep up with. I believe something needs to change, and I can sense that you feel it within you too.

I work with women who want more from their life, by rejecting cultural norms and what should be expected from them. Instead bravely anchoring into what is true and right for you, regardless of outside sway. To truly shine like you were meant to, the world needs more of that.



+ Ditching the guilt, overwhelm, impatience and comparison that can plague your return to yourself.

+ Developing and honing your own inner voice to confidently live your life from your truth, not from other peoples.

+ To ditch the perfectionist, never enough, all-or-nothing programming that keeps you hustling for your worth.

+ The permission slip to press pause, say NO, set the boundaries, and make time for themselves. Cos you are allowed excess time and space in your calendar, regardless of what other people think and require.

+ To stop living your life on your frazzled autopilot, but living with intention, that nourishes your soul, your energy and your life, so you have more to give to what you truly want, like relationships that light you up, adventures to feed your soul and spontaneity to simply be.


When I first reached out to work with Maddison I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I wanted to be more at ease in thework with my launch clients. I realised that ALONE I was not getting to my goals and my work life was becoming less and less enjoyable.

After that first session I felt like I finally had the support I needed not just in business but with getting my mindset ready for the BIG work that I was getting ready to do. Maddison knows that business and life always collide and that your mindset it where it all starts. The biggest change in my life is I now put non negotiable practices for my wellbeing which helps support my life, my business and my family. Putting my oxygen mask first so that I can help others. To sum it up the whole experience was wrapped in unconditional support, love and a sacred space.” Pat Romain.

“Before I started working with Maddison I was feeling fear, rejection, self-doubt and overthinking, not wanting to let go of negative energy and very much stuck in my head. I realised I needed coaching sessions to help support and guide me through what I was experiencing. I was very unaware of the impact life coaching would have on my life, but since it I am a lot happier, allowing myself to just be, not overthinking everything and being present.

I loved the whole experience working with Maddison, I appreciated every single piece of advice and guidance she provided me with during our 6 months together. I feel so much more grounded and self-aware. I can truly say that I have become a better version of myself since our first session.” Svenja Schult.


When I started working with Maddison I was in the middle of a whirlwind between the masculine and the feminine, really looking for who I really was, and what I really desired. On a personal level I wanted to redefine how I lived my life, and on a professional level I was building three businesses that all needed more focus, especially my coaching. I felt confident that we were going to do great things together, however I didn’t really know how that would manifest. And it manifested beautifully, but not entirely as intended. You have the power to see things Maddison, and to feel into what your clients need. So there is always this element of unknown depth that is added to the sessions.

I am so proud to say I have moved into the feminine so much more, I allowed pleasure into my life after more than 20 years of masculine ambition-driven living, I explored sides of myself that were unknown to me, my confidence grew, my trust in myself. My love ones have truly noticed the transformation that has occurred over our time together. My favorite part has been tapping into that connection to my feminine, and to the truth of myself. It manifests in all that I do, how I stand in the world, how I work, what my relationships look like… its incredible. I have uncovered a strength that allows me to reach even further than I ever thought I could. This was truly powerful, transformative and uplifting. Murielle Marie.


But really, why me, why can I help you?

love blending my wide scope of passions to provide you with a comprehensive holistic approach to taking care of you. My science and evidence based passions such as positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness provide the backbone for my work.

And I love diving deep and hitting the heart of the matter with my rich knowledge of philosophical principles, spiritual teachings and the scope and understanding of the energetic body from my yoga training.

All to create and provide a truly transformational experience and change for yourself and your life.


+ I believe that you are whole, good and worthy exactly as you are.

+ I believe that you have all of the answers within you, it’s simply removing the distractions, doubt and worry that can clog up the messages.

+ I don’t believe that thinking yourself to what you want is the answer, nor do I believe in only ‘positive thinking’. Sometimes bad shit happens in life, and it’s no one’s fault. Yes, you can grow and find a silver lining, but life sucks, and you didn’t choose that or make stuff happen.

+ I do not do toxic new age personal development spirituality that bypasses pain and feelings that aren’t glamorous. I also do not do love and light without action, boundaries and responsibility.

+ I will never pretend that I have life understood, I have the only answer, or to trust in myself more than you do yourself. You are always the expert on you. Honour that.


This package is designed for people who want to do the deep inner work. You will question societal norms that are not serving you & create a new way of being, that lights you up from the inside. Through this work, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Create a life that is aligned with your values and ethics. That feels good on the inside and doesn’t just look good from the outside.
  • Be provided with a safe space to get messy, learn, stumble at times and grow. This is not linear, and easy, but it is definitely worth it.
  • Take inventory and enquire which beliefs and stories are serving you, which have you outgrown, and which where never yours to carry.
  • Gain access to practical tools and principles to help you along your unique journey.
  • Most importantly a space to press pause and celebrate your accomplishments, each step of the way.

What does this include?

  • Receive a pre-coaching Questionnaire 
  • 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions, fortnightly. These are highly focused, tailored specific to your current life. 
  • Fortnightly email check ins, to help keep you accountable in between sessions and handle any in-the-moment life happenings. 
  • Special gift in the mail, hand-picked just for you, to support you on this journey. 
  • Access to short guided meditations & resources.

Your Investment: $240 AUD per month.

Wish to book two entire coaching series back to back, receive a 10% discount.

Any questions or enquiries: email maddison (at) maddisonvernon.com 

When I first started seeing Maddison, I was struggling to believe in myself, to really hone in on who I was and what I wanted. I couldn’t call myself a Health Coach, I was struggling with a whole lot of fear and self-doubt that was holding me back.  I was playing small, and sitting on the sidelines.

I loved working with Maddison because I felt completely at ease, and like she got me, and that she was actually going to push me & call me out on my bullshit.  She opened up such a safe space for me to be vulnerable and I never once felt judged or any unease in our sessions.  I actually looked forward to them each fortnight.

From coaching I am confident, I have so much self-belief, and so much love for myself.  I also feel like I know who I am now and what I want.  I know what I need to do and how to get there as well.  I don’t feel blurry about any of that any more, it feels crystal clear and I feel a lot of flow with what I have to do, no dread or clutter, just grace and flow. Working with Maddison was soul fulfilling, loving and empowering. Abbey Lake.

“From coaching with Maddison I am now 100% the person I want to be. I am a more relaxed version and someone who has the time to listen and help others. I have been seeing a life coach on and off for nearly eight years, I’m not sure if it was finally my time for massive change but what we did together in those sessions was amazing.

Thanks to our coaching sessions I can say I am totally living in the present. This is something I have always wanted to achieve and I can say I am now doing it. It feels amazing. I am so in tune with my little loves and I am no longer rushing around and the term ‘I have no time’ doesn’t come up at all.

The biggest transformation I believe is I have grown at a deeper lever that people have not seen as yet. If I had to describe the experience in 3 words it would be ground breaking, life changing and peaceful. I feel so much stronger and believe in myself more than I did before, plus I now have killer hair and the patience to be here for those that need me.” Lizze Moult.

“When I first started working with Maddison I was trying to hit my business and personal goals but I felt overwhelmed, confused and anxious. I wanted to grain clarity on my next steps and get rid of self-doubt and lingering limiting beliefs stopping me from flourishing in my business and my life.

Through Maddi’s coaching, I was always reminded of what I needed and how I could be more gentle and kinder to myself. Through this, I gained clarity on my next move and how I could get to my goal without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

This coaching journey allowed me to access my own voice and to make decisions that feel aligned to that. Running a business doesn’t have to be hard and through this coaching series, I was reminded of how easeful it can be. I’ve also gained so much clarity that allowed me to dive deeper in my business, my niche and how to attract dream clients into my business.

I have learnt to make space for what matters in my life and sometimes that means taking a step back, recuperate and taking a breath. I’ve gained awareness on the big limiting beliefs that have held me back from levelling up not just in my business but in my life. I’ve learnt to balance business and life with ease.”

Any questions or enquiries: email maddison (at) maddisonvernon.com 

Alternatively book in for your free, no-obligations 30 minute Clarity Call to see if coaching is right for you.

If not I love recommending you the services I believe would be best for you.