I am so excited you’re joining us for this Challenge, From Overwhelm to Calm.


We will be kicking off this challenge on Monday 3rd February. Until then make sure you have joined the Facebook Community here, introduce yourself by letting us know your name and where in the world you are.

Know there is still time to join, so if you have a friend, family member or work bestie who you know would benefit from this challenge, then send them this link and why not work through the challenge together?

Each day of the Challenge you will receive an email in the morning introducing that day’s content and the action to be completed.

The daily Facebook Live’s will be where we deep dive into the content and each day’s action to be completed. No problem if you can’t make it live, there will be a recording I will link to each day in the Facebook group. Remember for your chance to win a 1-1 coaching session with myself (valued at $200AUD) make sure you are commenting and engaging in each day’s challenge.


Our schedule together:

Monday 11am AEDT – Identifying your Overwhelm Triggers

Tuesday 3pm AEDT – The Power of the Breath to Cultivate Calm

Wednesday 3pm AEDT – Embracing Your Realm of Control to Find Inner Calm

Thursday 11am AEDT – Why Rest & Celebrating is Pivotal to Your Sanity


I am so looking forward to this journey, we’ll be kicking off on Monday 3rd February, if you have any questions in the meantime you can always ask it in the Facebook community.