Do you dream of becoming a life coach?

Working for yourself in a business that fills your heart with love?

Helping and serving other people?

Do you unashamedly want to proudly earn an income from your dream job?

I did and so I didn’t let my dreams stay in my heard I proudly went about turning them into a reality which – squeal, pinch me moment they are. I remember working 1-1 with Julie many years ago stating what I wanted.

Julie, I just want to write, create programs, bring people together to help inspire them to life their best lifes …

She looked me square in the eyes and said, I might have some news that surprises you, but it sounds like you want to be a life coach? I realised, yes, yes I did. And so my wonderful journey began upon becoming an Internationally Certified Beautiful You Life Coach.

Something I proudly speak about whenever I meet someone interested to know where I did my accreditation.

Life Coaches

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy is a heart centred and people focused business that aims to make a difference in the world they live in.

What I got from BYCA:

  • The practical skills and toolkit to know ‘how to coach’.
  • The knowledge and information to know how to set up my own life coaching practice.
  • The space to practice being a life coach with my coaching partner so I could practice my skill set.
  • Beautiful connections to other like minded life-coaches and entrepreneurs, these women have stayed with me through the roller-coaster journey of owning your own business. Each new course I am blessed to have incredible women added to this list. I meet truly spectacular women.
  • Plenty of times to listen to life coaching to submerge myself in that learning.
  • In person days to mix and learn from the group and Julie, meaning I didn’t feel isolated and got that real connection. These are no longer run but there are multiple in person Inspiration Days throughout the World that you can attend.
  • Weekly calls to go through material, ask questions and listen to what other people were going through.

The priceless ‘things’ I got from the BYCA:

  • The confidence to know that I can be a life coach and have my own successful coaching practice.
  • The space to figure out exactly what I can deeply offer my clients and how I can provide for them and stand behind that belief 100%.
  • Connections. This is on the list twice, because you expect to meet people in a certain way, but this course went above and beyond and I have such a deep love and admiration for those I did the course with. They are a constant stream of support and inspiration to myself.
  • Space to believe in myself 100%, grow, learn, develop and love myself.
  • Continual place for connection and support, a group of lifelong supporters, cheerleaders and accountability partners.

My Beautiful You Coaching Academy Affiliate Gift:

So for those of you reading this that are wanting to be a coach, or are already one but after that official accreditation, I cannot recommend or speak higher of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Because I believe in this Academy so much and want to see it shine and go places, I also want to help you, sitting there striving to be a qualified Life Coach.

If you sign up through this link here (affiliate link) than I would love to offer you my services in the best way to help you and keep you moving forward to become a qualified Life Coach.

I have created a specific coaching program that you will receive for FREE when you sign up through my link to be apart of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.


  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to uncover what is holding you back
  • 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions with myself to contribute to your certification
  • Email support between sessions

VALUE $ 1200

Don’t doubt yourself, play small or step back. If you want to be a Life Coach you will never find a better course than the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. So if you are serious about this – and I know you are, than enrol in the course and start living the life of your dreams like me.

I would also love to offer you a free 20 minute consult where we can talk about the BYCA, answer any questions for you and help you decide if this is the right decision for you right now. Email me at if you want to take me up on this offer.

No obligation of course.

**I have to let you know as well, that if you want to work with me and take me up on this offer you have to make sure that you click through my link to enrol in the course otherwise you will not be able to receive my bonuses.

If you are interested to find out more information about this coaching program email me with any and all of your questions.

“From coaching with Maddison I am now 100% the person I want to be. I am a more relaxed version and someone who has the time to listen and help others. I have been seeing a life coach on and off for nearly eight years, I’m not sure if it was finally my time for massive change but what we did together in those sessions was amazing.

Thanks to our coaching sessions I can say I am totally living in the present. This is something I have always wanted to achieve and I can say I am now doing it. It feels amazing. I am so in tune with my little loves and I am no longer rushing around and the term ‘I have no time’ doesn’t come up at all.

The biggest transformation I believe is I have grown at a deeper lever that people have not seen as yet. If I had to describe the experience in 3 words it would be ground breaking, life changing and peaceful. I feel so much stronger and believe in myself more than I did before, plus I now have killer hair and the patience to be here for those that need me.” Lizze Moult, Life Coach Certified Beautiful You Life Coach


When I first reached out to work with Maddison I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I wanted to be more at ease in the work with my launch clients. I realised that ALONE I was not getting to my goals and my work life was becoming less and less enjoyable.

After that first session I felt like I finally had the support I needed not just in business but with getting my mindset ready for the BIG work that I was getting ready to do. Maddison knows that business and life always collide and that your mindset it where it all starts. The biggest change in my life is I now put non negotiable practices for my wellbeing which helps support my life, my business and my family. Putting my oxygen mask first so that I can help others. To sum it up the whole experience was wrapped in unconditional support, love and a sacred space. Pat Romain Life + Leadership Coach Certified Beautiful You Life Coach



When I started working with Maddison I was in the middle of a whirlwind between the masculine and the feminine, really looking for who I really was, and what I really desired. On a personal level I wanted to redefine how I lived my life, and on a professional level I was building three businesses that all needed more focus, especially my coaching. I felt confident that we were going to do great things together, however I didn’t really know how that would manifest. And it manifested beautifully, but not entirely as intended. You have the power to see things Maddison, and to feel into what your clients need. So there is always this element of unknown depth that is added to the sessions.

I am so proud to say I have moved into the feminine so much more, I allowed pleasure into my life after more than 20 years of masculine ambition-driven living, I explored sides of myself that were unknown to me, my confidence grew, my trust in myself. My love ones have truly noticed the transformation that has occurred over our time together. My favorite part has been tapping into that connection to my feminine, and to the truth of myself. It manifests in all that I do, how I stand in the world, how I work, what my relationships look like… its incredible. I have uncovered a strength that allows me to reach even further than I ever thought I could. This was truly powerful, transformative and uplifting. Murielle Marie Life + Business Coach Certified Beautiful You Life Coach