What happens when you get everything you thought you ever wanted?

You know you finally start working for yourself, a dream you’d had for so long and worked so hard to come to fruition.

You are surrounded by the most incredible people.

You’ve accomplished goal after goal.

And after hitting all those milestones (and probably not taking a moment to pause and celebrate any of them, especially if you are like me).

You might feel dissatisfied.

What was the point? Was it all worth it? What was I racing for? What was all the pressure and expectation I put on myself to “arrive” at this point.

Because as you arrive at this point you might realise that life is still life. Meaning things are still going to frustrate you, you haven’t become perfect (spoiler alert, you never will be) meaning pesky fights and arguments, bad sleeps, they still happen.

Or you could already be thinking about the next thing you want to chase, reach, work for. Now it’s something bigger, better, because it’s still not enough. Because let’s face it you never arrive in this life.


Maybe you can relate?


All of this chasing is chasing a feeling that’s been buried within since the beginning of time.


You look outside of yourself for more, for everything you want, ignoring what was placed deep within you from the moment that you were born. An enlightenment, infinite knowledge and wisdom that’s yours to touch.

Unwavering bliss and joy that has been and will always be within you.


Take a moment and PAUSE. Can you close your eyes and feel this feeling within you? Maybe you’ve got a glimpse of it once before, maybe you’ve felt it in many waves throughout your life, or it could even be your natural state – in which case that’s amazing!

It may show up to you on your yoga mat, your meditation practice, with pure ecstatic laughing, full bodied sex, the creative flow of writing words direct from Source, or hip shaking, full bodied dancing. Anything that brings you closer to yourself and the divine.

If you are here, I can tell you simply might need some reminding, let me share with you my favourite ways to help you cultivate this feeling or should I say ‘tap into it’ again. Instead of having to constantly search outside of yourself for it.


When you are chasing something, anything outside of yourself there is this refusal to stop, pause and slow down. This surviving through your sympathetic nervous system is sending your adrenals into overdrive. This feeling that I must do it all, and do it all right now is forcing you into overdrive.

This feeling can come in regards to feeling tired but wired, and if this is the case, the best thing you can do for yourself is to sit in stillness. To slow down. To pause. To rest. To take a break and simply breath.

Easier said than done, especially if you believe that you must keep going, because god forbid what will happen if you press pause. Sit regardless.


We create stillness within ourself, our body and our mind to carve out time to drop in. I personally prefer the practice of meditating, but you can experience this same feeling by being fully present in whatever activity you decide. Cooking, running, moving, writing. If you do want to carve out your own meditation practice I highly recommend my ALIGNED meditation album and How to Meditate video series perfect for any beginner. Find out more info here. 

By cultivating this time in your life to meditate you are able to become unbiased and create space between you and the influx of noise within your mind. Your mind will tell you to be unhappy, say this, why isn’t this better, look at that person. Your heart, your heart tells you, you are doing enough, take a break, relax, enjoy yourself, be kind. Meditation is one of the easiest ways to cultivate a loving relationship with your heart and mind and not letting the monkey chatter control your life.

Stop putting your life on hold

If you keep living for the next moment, chasing one big goal after the other you might be missing the whole point of your life. Burning yourself out to reach a point is ludicrous and downright mad.

So I challenge you to think, what’s something you keep putting on hold in your own life? 

Is it the holiday, a weekend away, even taking a nap because you feel like you don’t have time. Or what are you telling yourself you can’t have until this happens. Guess what beautiful you do deserve what you want right now. So act accordingly and give yourself a break.

Call in your Joy

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. You are supposed to laugh, play and have fun. So it’s time to call in the joy, before you’ve ticked the things off your list. So how can you cultivate joy in your life right now? Blast the music, go to the park, have a doggy date.

Stop taking yourself and life too seriously. Watch the comedy show, tell a funny joke, laugh at your own silliness and those around you.

I know you are here to save the world, give back, have massive incredible plans – I freaking love that. But you can have fun at the same time. Stop berating yourself for not bringing the reusable bags to the shopping centre *honest mistake. That you forgot to send a birthday wish to your cousin, I’m sure they will be fine. Release all those expectations you place on yourself and lighten up.


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