Isn’t it time you started trusting in yourself more than your fear?




  • You do your best work when you are your happiest and taking the best care of yourself.
  • That life is made up of people around you who know no more than you do, and you
    can change it, influence it and impact it. You can create the life that you want.
  • That you are enough and perfect as you are in this exact moment, if you’ve forgotten it, let me help guide you back to your truth. Find out how we can work together here.
  • That life is meant to be loved and enjoyed not endured on the way to one moment that will make you happy. Pretty much your happiness comes from you, internally at your core, not from external things.
  • I believe in feminism, equality, love for all and education.
  • There is a never a perfect moment to start, so start now, start before you are ready.
  • That laughter, fun, dancing, and sarcasm are my necessities to a well lived life. Oh and dip platters with brie cheese, strawberries, chocolate sea-salt caramel …

As a coach to female change makers, I help women just like you who are in the early days of birthing their dreams into the world but are overcome with fears, doubt and self sabotage. Because as I’ve seen time and time again, the thing that is holding you back from your own success is YOU.

I know crazy right? You want this so much, this isn’t a sometimes dream, this is the real deal. You know exactly what you want to create, you know what you want to make, you know how much you want to earn. But right now? Nothing is happening.

It’s not because you haven’t gotten the magical invite that makes everything easy (it aint coming, trust me!).

It’s because until you get everything and I mean everything on board with what you want, clear away all those blocks you are going to continue to sabotage yourself. Namely, listening to all the excuses and BS telling you why you don’t have time, the expertise or how you will just wait a little longer (until you get your shit together) to put yourself out there.

Trust me you will never be ‘ready’, nobody is coming to give you the tick of approval. This is your life, this is your dreams and desires, and it’s up to you to make it happen, believe in yourself and take some action.

As you develop your own self-belief and know-how on this crazy journey, let me be there to help support you, believe in you and guide you. 

But really, why me, why can I help you?10-2

I am an Internationally accredited (very proud) Beautiful You Life Coach.

I am qualified 200hr Yoga Teacher, want to hear all about my journey, 200 hours of yoga in 1 month? You can find it here, here and here.

I coach women who are ready to stand up in their life and manifest what they truly desire, by letting go of the stories they tell themselves.

I have run multiple successful workshops and spoken around Melbourne. Like this one.

I have appeared in multiple publications like MindBodyGreen, Inspired Coach, Event Head Magazine, Wild Sister Magazine and Happiness and Wellbeing Mag.

I walk my talk everyday, filling my life with everything I need to take exquisite care of myself. Journalling, meditating, moving my body, eating nourishing whole foods and filling my life with laughter and connection.

I take action daily to build my own business and life dreams, I continually am looking to grow myself and will always be pushing for more (it is one of my greatest strengths).

I don’t pretend to have my head in the air, my feet are firmly planted on the ground and I am a big believer in keeping it real – side note this is totally coming to you from my bed, because I work for myself and I can.

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Maddison is a life coach, yoga & mediation teacher, who works with the new wave of female change makers ready to manifest their desires, get out of their head and connect to their inner truth. When she isn’t working away on her laptop you can find her at a yoga class (taking it or practicing), writing in her journal or heading out of town on an adventure filled with laughter and good tunes – the trashy pop kind!

She helps women get out of their head, overcome the blocks holding them back and finally get out of their own way.

Maddison has been featured on numerous websites and online magazines like MindBodyGreen, Inspired Coach Magazine and Wild Sister Magazine.

You can connect with Maddison on her site or on her favourite social media sites Facebook and Instagram.