Have you ever been on the cusp of a big dream, ready to take action and then quietly your voice lets you know all the reasons why you shouldn’t do this? Maybe you are at this place right now?

Your mind is trying to keep you playing small. It wants to hold you where it is safe and where you are comfortable. The reality is you aren’t going to get want you want by staying where it’s safe.

It’s time to bust out of your comfort zone and question that inner voice of yours. After all you are here to make a difference and play big in this world.

Let’s bust through the most common thought patterns that keep you playing small.

1// It’s been done before, so why bother?

The reality is, it has never been done by you! You are a unique human being with past experiences that have led you to this moment. Your spin on being a yoga teacher, launching a new blog or starting your own business is going to be unique to who you are. The world needs what you are offering, so stop hiding it from those around you, especially those who need it most.

2// It has to be perfect before I can start.

I have to be the perfect teacher, with the perfect moves, have lost those last 5kg’s, and have the perfect wardrobe before I can be a yoga teacher.

Do you know what all of those are? Excuses, because you are too scared, because you think you aren’t good enough, because you can’t see the value you can give to those around you. Stop making it about you and focus on those around you who need what you can give them.

3// It’s not the ‘right’ time.

Your mind will try to convince you it’s not the right time, you are too busy or too late. The reality, there is never a right time to chase your dreams so start now, start today.

4// There are more important things in the world to worry about.

People are starving, horrible things can happen in this world how can you justify following your dreams as being priority number one?

Simple, the world needs more people to follow their dreams and love their life. The more you follow your own light the more you are able to help others and turn their light on to create that ripple effect, to truly live in a world you love.

5// I’ll fail!

What to do when your mind has already convinced you that you are going to fail? Realize that your mind has taken a thought and assumed it will become your reality, when it truth you don’t know if you will fail.

Don’t give your power away to thoughts that are not going to support your dream. Why not believe that it is going to work out how you want it to? Chose the story you want to listen to that will support what you want to occur,

6// I have to have everything mapped out.

Before I walk this path I need to know my first step to my final step. The reality, all you have to do is take the first step and who knows where that will lead or what doors it will open?

7// I’m not good enough or worthy enough.

Your mind likes to divide the world into sections of those who are worthy and those who are not, and your mind is clearly convincing you that those ‘other’ people are worthy of following their dreams but you are not.

Do you want to know the difference between people who believe they are worthy and those who don’t, the people who do simply decide they are worthy of that experience? It is a choice you make and continue to choose everyday.

By now you should be inspired and ready to finish that course, start teaching and follow through on those big dreams of yours. Go on, there really are no more excuses you can tell yourself so it’s time to do the work. That’s when the real magic starts.

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