I am wrapping up sessions with clients this week and getting ready to take some time off my business over the Festive Season and New Year. If you want to find me, I will be yoga-ing non-stop, out on the ocean soaking up the sun (if Melbourne gets around to turning it on for us) and surrounding myself with great food and even better company.

It of course is only fitting with this being my last post of the year to do a wrap up of my 2016, because ahh life, we like it in a neat little bow at times, especially when a year has been tumultuous it helps to feel at peace and send the year off in style.

I am writing this not knowing where I am going – perhaps it will reveal itself as I write more, or this could be a super fun journey – let’s dive into it together.

The perfect place to start for this year is looking closely at my core desired feelings that I wanted to embody in my life. These were set in late Jan this year after I spent my time traipsing across Canada and the States – so really could my year have started any better? No, it was spectacular.




This year I had a big personal goal that I was manifesting into my own life – to move out of home. I wanted to do this ensuring that I had money up my sleeve to support myself and my lifestyle. Meaning it was budget galore for myself, I absolutely love my budget conscious spending plan.

It helped me stay on track knowing how much money I needed to be earning each month to put away what amount of money into my savings to help me with my bigger overall picture. It is something that I absolutely love and geek-out over to ensure I can do the things I want to, like weekends away, booking tickets to Danielle LaPorte as soon as they come out or investing in my business.

Therefore I knew I wanted to feel abundant in my life. Not just in a monetary sense because I wouldn’t have a lot of that to play with but in other ways. And this has continued to blow me away at how I’ve practiced abundance in these small ways within my own life.

++ Gifting used books to friends, or sending them forward with love to celebrate a friend’s new journey. This was such a simple and effective way I could feel abundant.

++ Being taken out for catch ups and allowing and receiving a friend to pay for me, knowing full well that I would reciprocate the favour. Abundance all around me, both in giving and receiving.

++ At my workshops I always give away beautiful cards that truly mean the world to me, but I know that I have not lost them I am just allowing them to have a greater life.

++ New shiny MacBook laptops – because sometimes abundance does come with flashy new hardware, and there is nothing wrong with that.



At the start of the year I wanted to feel truly devoted to my health, my work, my life. To me it didn’t matter about the outcome, it was the practice that was important. It didn’t matter if the yoga class was good or bad or I kind of felt like pulling my hair out, what mattered was me going.

Its safe to say I have devoted myself to all things that are important to myself and I could not be prouder of this. I went from dabbling in things that I was passionate for yoga and meditation, doing my work when it felt right to being devoted to all that I do. It of course is a constant dance and I am comfortable with that experience.

A big learning for me was not waiting until I felt ready to do something. I could wait til I had people asking me to run an event to do that, I could wait til I was strong enough to do a yoga challenge, but if I waited it never would have happened. You always, always have to put yourself in a situation which helps you become the person you want to be. That was my big learning from my year of devotion – and I have a feeling I am just scratching the surface and I am so excited to continue to practice this.

++ Committing myself to weekly runs with friends and hitting multiple PB’S for my 10km fun run’s. Each week I did not want to show up and run, but I did and I reaped the rewards! Who would have thought that 2 months of doing the work would pay off?

Notice how I said 2 months of doing the work, and trust me I ended up loving it and enjoying it, but I didn’t train once and hit a PB. It takes work and devotion.

++ Completing a 21 Day Yoga Challenge that I decided on a whim to do for myself and ended up becoming the strongest I have ever been within my yoga practice and healing a shoulder injury that had been holding me back for so long I’d been holding on to for so long.

++ Deciding I wanted to commit myself to my meditation practice and go deeper. So I signed up for a 4 day intensive Vedic Meditation course, this was a leap of faith and quite an investment but I just felt called to do this and so grateful. It has now been 3 months of meditating 20 minutes a day and slowly but surely cementing that twice a day habit into my life.

This has then gone on to show up in my coaching work I now run weekly Facebook live meditations that women are just loving the grounded energy they feel when watching it. You can watch them all here.

++ My beloved work. Doing the work, showing up. Speaking at studios and universities, coaching incredible clients, hosting in person and online workshops, in person group coaching programs. Not everything worked – hell no, but I continued to show up and do the work, shit scared, self-doubt so high and plagued with fear. I showed up. That is devotion, devotion to myself, my spirit and my work.

++ My beautiful hard work and dedication to my coaching business being represented in nominated for the 2014-2016 Beautiful You Emerging Coach of the Year.

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If I had to pick a core desired feeling that was most challenging at times it would be this one. By most challenging I mean, for the middle 4 months of the year life did not feel like it flowed with ease. It felt so far away from this. It was only by feeling utterly exhausted and like I couldn’t hold on any longer.

Life felt like I was pushing a giant cart up a hill, I knew there needed to be another way. So in the final 4 months of the year, I started to pull more ease into my life. Always looking for the easiest way, where was the low hanging fruit, how can I make this easy. Does it have to be this hard?

The wins, enrolling incredible biz friends around me to help with this, working with my mentor Claire Baker totally helped me embody this not to mention my meditation practice continued to help me bring ease into my life.

Among everything else there was a whole lot of trust, patience (not being patient, but knowing that was my lesson) and wanting to feel grounded in my truth and my desires that followed me on my journey of 2016.


At the start of the year I wrote this post, stating that to manifest my success this year I am ensuring I am taking the best care of myself. Safe to say I have continue to take the best care of myself and it has been the best feeling. Ensuring that I am taking care of myself, and that this will set me up for success. Not having to torture myself to get there.

The ways it is showing up.


++ Working with a naturopath to change the way I was eating and fuelling my body to be the best for myself. This has stayed with me to this day and I have had such an increase in my energy, no more pimples from my diet, and my body has remained in the best shape.

++ Working with a chiropractor, massage therapist to help and heal my shoulder, and continue to take the best care of my body. This is a constant check in and work in progress, but one that I am continually working on.

++ What brings me great joy this year that I’ve started doing is getting my nails done. When I get my nails done I feel like I truly have my shit together and it’s the best feeling, I am so happy to invest in this treat for myself, without guilt.

++ Taking the time out to make and prepare the most nutritious and healthy meals to support myself at all times. Prepping nutritious meals for myself is something that brings me such joy!

++ Along the same note, getting my eyebrows done. #noguilt

++ Daily meditation, a whole heap of journalling, asking goddess cards for guidance and to keep me high vibin’, yoga, yoga and more yoga. These all are things that I love, fill me and keep me feeling incredible.



++ There is always a reason to not meditate, go to yoga or do the stuff that makes you feel good, do it anyway – you’ll always feel better than before.

++ You need a great group of biz friends to pull you through this entrepreneurial game you play. The boyfriend and your family are not going to cut it. Find yo’ people!

++ Crying always helps, let it out.

++ Stop carrying all the shit that holds you back. The anger, the resentment. let it go.

++ Non-attachment, it took me 8 months, but I’ve finally become friends with it … for now.

++ Patience – I hate you but I sure did learn to live with you.

++ Do the work, show up, get your hands dirty.

++ Go on that trip, book the adventure, laugh daily.

++ Don’t take yourself or those around you too seriously. Really, nothing much really matters in life.

++ Of course, be passionate and unwavering with your boundaries, and your limitations.

++ It’s not about the outcome, it’s the action that counts.

++ Screw perfection, nobody has it together – and that’s okay.

++ Do what feels good.



This year was not easy. It was difficult, it was heartbreaking, I was stretched beyond what I thought I was capable of handling. There were so many moments of intense anger, frustration and deep sorrow. You are seeing the highlights and you are seeing 2016 through a beautiful loving lens. I can assure you, going through the process of becoming devoted to your work and showing up even when it’s tough and your ego is loud, is a freaking painful thing to do.

So don’t think it was easy, or I’ve got it all together (I don’t and I hate that saying), I’m just trying to live a life that I truly love and help other people do the same. The best way I know how to by helping them break free from their own limitations within their mind and connect to their inner truth.

That you are loved, you are worthy and you are pure joy.


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